Checking The 2,000-year-old Coffin, Shocked Unbelievably Secret

When checking the 2,000-year-old coffin found in Anhui, Chinese experts discovered many secrets. Including the coffin did not use any nails. In 1975, Chinese archaeologists conducted an excavation in Anhui province. Here, they found a population of Han Han in Thien Truong and Anhui. From here, unexpectedly secretly about 2,000-year-old coffins revealed

. Specifically, professionals discovered 16 graves at the above archaeological site. Inside these ancient tombs have many valuable burial items. What makes them pay more attention is the caskets
The top layer is Tam Hoa land. The lower layer is close to the coffin plastered with green mud. While the final soil was extremely certainly clay. After thousands of years, they are still quite intact instead of being rotten as many other antiquities. The experts take some coffins to the forestry department of Anhui Agriculture College (now Great An Hui Agriculture Study) to check. The test results show that the coffins are made from 3 types of precious timber including: Trinh Nam, Sam and Dai Thu.When check 3 types of wood on the microscope, the microscopes Experts detect no mushrooms or other minerals Entering in the cell cavity. This means that wood used for coffins are not damaged by bacterial "attack", insects Mushrooms. More, before buried, wooden coffins do not use preservatives. Burder in the precious wooden coffin as the top with the stock found, experts identify their owners are People with high status in society
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