Chessing Chess Is A Pleasure In Life

De also forgot a lot, now mostly 'insect water' (the country thinks himself, not according to books) so it is very limited. Beat with your brother, then also gradually brighten a lot! 0:00 / 0: 00 Southern regeneration, my house in Thuy Khue Street, front of the train line, the back is the To Lich river. My father is a military officer, mother is a defense worker, so it is often absent all day. Our brothers are only home to play around each other. Every month, there was a hairdresser walking to cut and evening to get money

. I wanted to be the most strangled by him to squeeze the red rubber ball to spray the aromatic water on his head and looked at him glancing at a razor on a colored skin, looking very high. , As long as the "head of the hat" (the type of hat was squeezed with the tip, the driver of the French or team), a folded chair and the other hand hugged the homework. He cut it very carefully so my parents are very satisfied
One day, my father was earlier than every day, when taking the car to the door, we were cutting hair to stop it. Suddenly he leaned on the car and headed to the inbox, picked up a table of watching for a while, then asked: - The chessboard was so beautiful, where did the chess open him? - He watched in that pocket. It was in the bloody brocade bag, after turning them in his hand, he asked- asked why did he have this chess board? The bidder revealed a surprise: - I was given, Mr. Asking that, where did you see it? - I'm not sure but they look familiar. - He also beat the chess? - Old days. - Can you hit me a game? I'm going to finish .- Yes! Then invite him to inside the house. I and the shaver of the army beat. The first time I saw the chess, I was strange. Just see sometimes smashing "acrid" a piece, then said, "I shown"
.. especially when I was held, thick, thick, heavy, on the face of strange shapes that later knew it was crank. I saw both people thinking each country stressed, in the end, the shaver said "loses" and 2 people again. This game My father won. The shaver was on the bag, said: - His water is very tall, I hope to have a chance to play with him. It's been a long time I met the person to win myself! - I was lucky, the price was like I pushed the code before to get to the car and I could hardly win. This chess set of his precious, if I'm not wrong, this is the chess set of the "good team"? I saw the shockers startled, looking up asking my father: - You also know the group "good"? You must be the person in the village of the flag? - I'm just a player, he also seen. Stop for a while, my father continued: - A few years ago, I was once hit with 1 person They. I saw him with a mosaic mosaic table flag and the ivory chess stress like this so asked. Do you agree to leave this chess for me, how much do I buy? - Now you! This is my Master's memorandum of Master, Master I am also the one in that group, before I lost it to me. I am a hammer but maybe the strength does not improve. I bring the chess set as well to find the beat, until today found the person who hit himself. If he was not busy, this Saturday night I went to her. - Yes, he kept coming, I waited! Saturday night, after the whole house was dinner, I saw the chessboard shaver and the pibling bag smelled Laugh in front of the door. Two people whispered the army to hit each other for more than midnight, only when my mother woke up, he continued to stop, they just stopped. The next day, I asked what the father was known to fight 5 games , My father won 4, and the last board had to go down, he kept asking to remove it. I looked at my father with admiring eyes! Saturday night later, the sheller came, they beat each other to be too midnight. This time my father deliberately loses more to the sheller spicy. Unexpectedly, he came again, leaving his job. They hit together until the evening, forgetting to eat, only drinking tea. Horrible! My mother is very bothered, just go out, go to elam to sound. Before receiving the troops, the shaver asked my father: - Please ask him, have you ever went to match? I guess he is also a ranked chess hand? My father smiled straight and said: - He guessed the right half, I only discussed and champion the agency of the General Staff (my father was a total office officer In the city). When I fought outside, I lost a person, asked to know him in the "good" group. In the resistance (anti-dharma) at the edge of the army, I beat the Chinese military advisor, then I was the battalion politician. This hand is too hot, smashing both the chessboard, shouting "with a barrier" (Devils, Devils) .- Now he wants to see a person in the group? I took him away. - Yes! I also want to meet, also get acquainted to learn more. Thang Later last week, my father followed the shaved workers all day, to the evening of tiredness but his eyes were happy. He said: - Today is beaten with him "Life Flag" housing housing, he has a real flag! Sometimes occasionally win or draw 1 game

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