Chevrolet Blazer ‘crisis’ – Special Police Car In China

Chevrolet brand has transformed a blazer into a overwhelmed police car equipped at the Guangzhou 2021 auto show took place in China.Chevrolet Blazer 2021 has been proven to be a very successful product with injuries American car brand is struggling to keep up with demand. Despite supply issues, Chevrolet still promises great things for 2022. Before that, the Chevrolet Blazer "Mobile Command Center" (meaning: "Mobile Command Center") extremely interesting This was launched at the Guangzhou Automobile Exhibition 2021.Communicated, Chevrolet Blazer Mobile Command Center was based on the popular RS version, and was carefully equipped from the outside to serve to serve Defense, and fight the enemy

. The exterior of this anti-criminal car is painted with a beautiful black, and is covered by a police badge in many positions like on the cap, side of the door. Other exterior features include frames Big bumpers ahead, bold cap cap with additional winds, LED bars mounted on the roof of the car, wide Loe wheel arches, ballast terrain tires, and yellow additional lights. In order to look more modern, the special Chevrolet Blazer even has a drone plane on its roof
This plane can be commanded from within the cabin via live video feed. Inside, Mobile Command Center looks exactly the same as you think: flooding the screens and buttons. Frontly, the driver receives a laptop mounted in auxiliary driving chairs. This is not a normal police car layout that looks like what you see in a more fantasy movie. Chevrolet Blazer's ventricular "Mobile Command Center" is filled with screen and control buttons. Chevrolet clearly built the "Mobile Command Center" blazer to attract the crowd and public attention at the Guangzhou Motor Show this year, and we can recognize that they have completed that task nice way.Video: Detailed introduction of new Chevrolet Blazer 2021 SUV model.

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