Children Are Motivated, Work Is Fulcrum

Visiting the flower arrangement contest of the 918 Brigade Women's Union (Air Defense - Air Force), I am really impressed with the work of 'Mother's heart' with the touching presentation, full of love of Captain QNCN Vu Thi Thu Huong, Computer Staff-Transmission Data, Information Battalion.0: 00/2: 36 namqua domains presentation, listeners somewhat feeling hard, hard but Full of love as well as beliefs, optimism in her life. Through her teammates, we learned that Ms. Huong's second son was born in 2005, was congenital atrophy, despite many years of running but eyes could not improve. The big son was born in 1997, while studying the first year of Hanoi University of Construction, only after a violent headache, he had to go to an emergency hospital and was diagnosed by doctors: brain tumors

.. . The family burden on her fragile shoulders
She said: "Indeed, when I took the result of my head, I thought I would collapse ... but then, get the encouragement of comrades, comrades, looking at the two children lying on the bed, I'm again Thinking, I have to be stable, strong, must be a fulcrum for the children ". The delegates visited the product exhibition time at the 918 Brigade Women's Congress, the term 2021-2026. Artwork: (Photo taken on 20-4-2021) So she clearly identifies: taking the children to motivate work, take work as a fulcrum for the family, and myself is the fulcrum for you. Therefore, when she was in the unit, she always tried to perform all assigned tasks; Actively participate in movement activities to get positive energy sources. Hidden in the hearts of confidences, their own suffering, sisters are still full of optimism, aspirations and joy
Believing in life, fresh flowers under her hands are full of love and your lips, the optimistic smile is still standing. She said, in front of suffering, difficulties, I was not allowed to flee but I had to seek to overcome. Go to Captain QNCN Vu Thi Thu Huong, Major QNCN Le Thi Ha, Chairman of the Battalion Women's Union Information spends a lot of love, loving: "Ms. Huong always enthusiastically, hard in performing tasks and movement activities; Dedicated to taking care of children carefully and thoughtfully. The eyes of their children, she spent reading time to change their children. Not only that, she always encouraged, transmitted to optimistic spirits, strong for you to try to rise. "This year, almost every day Ms. Huong also goes-about 40km of the day from the house Go to unit and vice versa. At any night, the next morning she arranged for a unit to take care of two children. Once, the Information Battalion Women's Union suggested that she asked the People's Army to call for support and help but Huong affirmed refusal. She said: "I'm still healthy, there is still a proud amount of money and have comrades, loving teammates are always beside ...". Duc Anh

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