Children Ben Tre Painted For Gratitude For Soldiers, Medicine Doctors Preventing Epidemics

More than 300 paintings, dozens of recycled products such as plantation pots, bonsai bonsai, paintings on Mo Cau ... of the children of Ben Tre province have shown the gratitude for soldiers, medicine doctors .

. . During the seasonal season.0: 00/1: 45 men's paintings of the children of Ben Tre province showed a gratitude for soldiers and doctors
.. in the prevention of epidemic. (Photo: Ban TTTH) Ben Tre Provincial Council, said, competition and recycling products of children are now sent to isolation area to encourage the spirit of epidemic prevention and fighting forces Good for isolation area, helping people with comfortable quarantining, peace of mind for treatment with a team of Hospital Hospital - Ben - Lung Hospital, which facilitates the arrangement of displaying the previous paintings of the rooms Patients, emergency rooms and treatment rooms. Hanh Nguyen Hoang Phuoc, Secretary of the Youth Union - Ben Tre Hospital - Ben Tre Province, said: "When receiving paintings and recycled products to decorate quarantine areas , The hospital union has actively coordinated with rooms and functions to arrange to put into quarantine in the earliest way to encourage and cheer the spirit of a doctor's team especially how the patient is Being isolated and treated here. The medical team, the doctor and the patient also thanked the Provincial Team Council, the children who had meaningful activities in Hoa n This special scenes ". The paintings are displayed in the quarantine of Ben Tre Hospital - Lung Hospital (Photo: Department of Education) Currently the epidemic situation in Ben Tre province is very complex Next, adding other cases of infections. To take advantage of the competition to participate in the contest and recycling products of the children in the province, Ben Tre Province Council continues to make a collection of paintings Send to the quarantine area of 9 districts and cities in the province. This activity is to spread positive messages and images from which "blows into a new vitality area", contributing to the same system The political mini of the province performs the best prevention of epidemics. Environmentally friendly recycling products used to decorate vitality for quarantine (Photo: Department of Education) so far Bamboo has received more than 300 paintings and dozens of recycled products such as planting pots, bonsai bonsai bonsai, paintings on Mo Cau, boat made of Mo Nam Coconut
.. of children across H House sent to join hands to "create vitality for isolation".

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