Chile: Discovering The ‘armored Dinosaurs’ With Strange Tails

The fossils of the new "armored 'dinosaurs discovered in Chile are making science stunned because it has a tail unlike any other dinosaurs. The tail with a weapon-like shape has been greatly helpful for it in the living life of: 00/1: 33 Nou southern men's painter recreats the image of StegoRos Elengassen (Source: Mauricio Álvarez) The average size of nearly 2m, this "armored" dinosaur is named Ankylosaur. They may have lived in the end of the white chalk from about 71.7 million to 74.9 million years ago

. The new fossil skeleton has a high level of complete and found in the Magallanes Pole Magallanes of Chile. However, the special feature is that this unknown fossil has a tail unlike any terrible child Long with any species. It has a bizarre shape, the same shape as a stick used by the ancient Aztec warriors
The research is published in Nature magazine stating: "Although its skull has common characteristics with these The ankylosaurs but the weapon in its tail is very strange. The tail of this dinosaur has a flat structure ... "Sergio Soto Acuna, the main author of the study said:" The tail is extremely strange because the bones grow into a unique weapon. The structure is similar to the bell tail solid or lizard with thorns but is not related to these two creatures ". Dinosaurs are now named Stegouros Elengassen with StegoRos that means" paddle-like tails "in the language Greece. Also different from the Northern Hemisphere Ankylosaurs, this new dinosaur has a thinner "armored" skin, the slender legs and size are not large. This is explained because they have special Points to adapt to warm climates in the south.

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