Zhu Hung is the midland land, where palm and tea hills, the winds winding around the fields evoked their idyllic and dreamy countryside. Here, keeping a story about a time of a resistance to today, his father still tells the child to listen to love and pride in his hometown ... Chu Hung is the old landmark of the warm commune (Ha Hoa -Phu Tho), now no longer the name in the administrative names, but it is still mentioned by the people here when it comes to this land

. The display of the Chu Hung Temple and Sui , where the first training site of the WELLING TEAM LAVE LAVE. The small road is familiar with us to visit Zhuay's visit to a winter-winter, the wind on the hill blow makes the canopy Wide sponge, Lao Xao under the golden sun. Strinking trees that stand on the hill's hillboards ever through the rainy season as a measure of the old time, as it is taking up the words in the old battlefield
BIA National Monument Hung. According to historical lines and black-and-white shapes and stored solemnly in the traditional exhibitors of Chu Hung Temple relics belonging to the battle battle population X, we are known, in the resistance against French colonialism, Zhuay used to be the center of the Arrival X.xung battle around, a large area of wiping, mountain forests as grounds such as Ha Luong, Dai Pham, Gia Dien, warmth. Each location has a task, all as the arteries of the whole battlefield. Steps through the Gate of Zhu Hung Temple, the fragrant incense into the appearance of the appearance, ancient, and moss of the temple such as bringing people back to the wars of war here. Le Dinh Loan, Chu Hung Temple It said that the sacred temple since King Gia Long was not only the place of worship, the Huong Thac Dai Vuong music, the talented general of Hung Vuong had a public expeller, keeping the realm but also the position Out of important events in the anti-French resistance. The Viet Minh Front takes the temple grounds where the places declared the abolition of feudal colonialists, declaring the establishment of the Rescue Farmers' Association, the Youth Association to save the National, Rescue Women's Union. X zone X also built a system of environmental resistance facilities throughout the region such as traders, food warehouses, military workshops producing and assembling weapons (at Dai Pham, Gia Dien, Ha Luong), bank printing house, rescue printer, military printing house, political schools, schools and weapons (Gia Dien commune), school martial arts QUOC TUAN, Military Warehouse (Ha Luong Commune), Military Workshop, Paper Factory (Warm Commune). Historical events are returning, showing up in the minds of listeners so that each person feels Location of the place here. The poetic Chu Hung land is very beautiful as a beautiful picture in the view of the old artists who have been a place to put the headquarters of the Fighting Foundation Association, Chu Hung Temple
Van artist. Nguyen Ngoc Dinh. Especially, this countryside is where poet, Dramaist Luu Quang Vu cried and nounced for talent poetry and drama. In the Poem of Chu Hung village of Luu Quang Vu poet, the Zhuayan scenery shows all the beauty, simple and poetic: "Chu Hung moon village falls full of wells / between four dense forests Lao Lao / Road along Fruit streams and ripe gold falls / green brush sparkling sparkling river water ". Assoc, Dr. Luu Khanh Tho, the sister of the poet Luu Quang Vu used to share, the poetry of Mr. Luu Quang Vu was formed from Zhu Hung land, when he was young. An ancient si hundreds of years old, from the end of 2019, there was a souvenir beer house built up with the stelps that recorded two Vietnamese and Laos languages: "April 16, 1949, the first armed team of The Lao People's Army has the name "Slice-Radiation-Radiation" to this place to train and study military-politics and thoroughly grasp the situation of Lao revolution ". The senior crew members of Laos to visit and grateful. In the opposite line in Vietnamese - Lao words, we returned to the days of 1949 and understood the meaning of the souvenir brewery spacious, firm.When, 14 soldiers were kept by Mr. Kaysone Phomvihie The role is the head of the village of Laos - North after a long way to overcome the enclosure of the enemy, crossing the river, crossing the mountain has reached the X. Zone X. to create movement and organization, April 16-4 -1949, soldiers in the team took the location of Zhu Hung Temple, under the sui tree as a training place. In the Lao country with Mr. Kaysone Phomvihane, the Vietnamese side has Mr. Le Trong Tan to congratulate.Chu Hung is proud to be a place to mark the training period of the first armed team of Lao People's Democratic Republic . When arriving at Zhuay's land, the X Area, the nucleus of his comrades was formed and became sturdy. People around Zhuays have absolutely kept confidentiality to Laos officers and struggle for wrapping, hiding and supporting all conditions. Nguyen Ngoc Panel, 93 years old, originally leaders of warm commune, once

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