China Announces Detecting Antibodies To Disable All Covid-19 Strains

Chinese scientists announced an antibody that could disable all Covid-19 strains including in the laboratory and on living organisms.0: 00/2: 5 southern region 12/12 has posted information about the new research project, causing the attention of scientists from many different agencies in China, including Ton Trung Son University in Guangzhou and Zhejiang University In Hangzhou. In the study report published a day earlier, experts in the mainland believed, they could have found "multimeter medications" for Pandemic Covid-19. The author group said, In both laboratory research and testing on the living body, 35B5 single-line antibodies have shown the ability to neutralize the original strain of SARS-COV-2 virus (the first detected type outside, no There are mutations) as well as interested variants (VOC). In particular, the experimental on the living body is carried out in mole mice

. The scientists note, the above antibodies also promote the effectiveness of the Delta variant to own high mutation and is The culprit caused deadly waves around the world since I was first identified in India earlier this year. "35B5 disables the SARS-COV-2 virus by closing attacks The element determines the unique epitope antigen (structural position on an antigen molecule that antibodies adhere to) to avoid common mutant positions, "the team explained. In other words, 35B5 aims at a single part of the virus that is not changed during the mutation process and therefore does not affect all mutations in the current VOCs
This way, 35B5 antibody has shown The ability to "effectively neutralizing effectively" with many variations. The team argues and discovery can be exploited to produce a universal Covid-19 vaccine. Chinese experts emphasize, the antigen position 35B5 antibody targets also exists in Omicron variant. Therefore, the study can bring great value in the context of Omicron is spreading. Leaders and scientists around the world are concerned, thanks to the largest mutation ever. , new variations can avoid immunity to use the vaccine or from the previous infection.

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