China Asked The Us To Withdraw Soldiers Stationed In Taiwan

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China on 8/10 requires the US to withdraw soldiers from Taiwan / China territory and respect the commitments and agreements with Beijing related to the issue of Taiwan. Foreign Ministry China summoned Kien. Photo: Reuters This is a statement of Kien Kien (Zhao Lijian) by Zhao Lijian (Zhao Lijian) at the press conference on October 8 in Beijing. Report reporter questions suggested to tell China in front of the information a task force belonging to the US Marines forces stationed in Taiwan, Mr. Chieu Kien said that the United States became aware of the "high sensitive" nature of Taiwan and stopped Exports with Taiwanese authorities

. "China will apply all necessary measures to protect its sovereignty and integrity of its territory," said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman. Before, information Exclusively due to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on October 7, it is about to know about 20 members of the US Marine Soldiers who are present in Taiwan, carrying out training for units In the Taiwanese Army. According to the mastering source anonymously a senior official in the US government, the number of soldiers were present in Taiwan in at least a year
WSJ's news added that the US deployed the task force is a sign The brand shows the pentagon's concern against China to strengthen military power and the recent threatening moves of Beijing aimed at Taiwan. China considers Taiwan as the sovereign territory and declaration Dad does not allow Taiwan Independence. Taiwan Thanh / News Newspaper (WAPO)

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