China Blockade City 4.5 Million People

China has sealed off a 4.5 million population in the city of Fujian Province, Southeastern after dozens of cases detected Covid-19.0: 00/1: People namcu domain 40Nu coastal city of Xiamen has been banned from leaving the local evening 13/9, except for some exceptions, Bloomberg tin.Tat both residential areas and villages blockaded, while entertainment venues, including theaters movie, bar, gym and library, was idled, city officials said in a press conference on the evening of the same day from 14/9 ngay.Bat, kindergartens, primary and school in Xiamen also closed, students are required to participate in online classes

. Long-distance bus station of the city paused activities to reduce risk nhiem.Mot some areas of Xiamen has begun conducting a series of tests and the local government plans to deploy throughout the test city, according to Deputy mayor Liao Huasheng.Mot blockaded streets in Xiamen, Fujian province, China on 13/9
Photo: Chen Xiaorong.Dong this status in order to prevent new outbreaks of complications Delta, also showed double effort of China to continue to maintain a policy of "zero tolerance for Covid-19" that .Truoc , new outbreaks in Fujian province, China is said to be derived from a man who has completed 21 days quarantine after returning from abroad. So far, 103 cases have been reported in three provincial cities nay.Cac experts from national health group warns Chinese outbreak this time is high risk of transmission. Putian City, the focus of the new outbreak, is in a situation "difficult and complex", the official said and predicted there will be more cases than in the days toi.Khoang 30,000 from Putian has moved to other provinces across China since late March 8. However, to date, has not yet reported cases in other provinces, as reported by the local media. Ming An

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