China Decided To Complete The Independent Target Of Traffic Technology

China wants to rise to the world's top, regardless of advanced technology in the transportation industry. Including and applying comprehensive technology to the above planning traffic is given in the general guidelines Information and the Ministry of Science and Technology of China promulgated to enhance the application of initiatives and innovation of science and technology to build the transport system. Then, China aims to 2025 will consolidate significantly Basic research in traffic and applications into practice. The patent will focus on creating a breakthrough in key technology areas, strengthening the most advanced technology into traffic. Dynasty technology innovation, science, bringing Chinese to become a strong traffic network

. The scene of China's new magnetic buffer system has just been released in Qingdao - Photos CNS photo to 2035, China Expectation of creative capacity and innovation in the study and application of basic traffic technology of the country will be strengthened N. From here, China will be able to independently, regardless of other countries in important technologies. Currently, the Chinese Industrial Group and Aerospace Science have begun to study the ship Super high speed from August 2017
The highest speed designed for this type of ship is expected to be 1,000km / h. 2 months, the world's fastest magnetic field buffer transport system (speed up to 600km / h) by China itself , officially launched in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China. This event marks an important turning point of China on technology and high-speed rail production. Why does China want independent technology? China's first domestic plane. Photo - ExtremetechEo Experts, headlines and independence of China's science, engineering and technology, especially in the field of transportation, increasingly exciting not only because the country prevails the weakness Depending on Western technology but also by Beijing to get rid of the world factory image and wants to rise when in the United States and the allies that put pressure on. Many analysts forecast, China can promote Developing separate standards, different from existing international standards and frameworks, accelerating global separation in the field of technology between China and the West. Actually, this billion-dollar country has played Miracular development of high-speed train technology within 10 years, from a country must use Japanese and French technology ... to export railway technology, compete with Japan
In 2004, Beijing Announcing the high-speed rail development program, the Ministry of Railways calls for investment to build a high-speed rail (200km / h, maximum 350km / h). National has invited foreign companies to include: Kawasaki Heavy Industry Group (Japan), Bombardier (Canada), Siemens (Germany) and Alstom (France) to establish a joint venture enterprise with Chinese partners. Here, the parties are required to share next year, the first time China launches CRH1A high-speed rail, with a maximum speed of 250km / h. Since then, Chinese companies grasp foreign technology, turn into their own technology, even export railway technology to countries around the world (Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand , Russia ...). Economic households François Chimits, Research Center for Prospects and International Information (CEPII) Rating: "China has mobilized a lot of financial means to develop technology for service Fields in the industry ". However, this expert said that China's independent target technology was quite far away. In many areas such as space and aviation industry (commercial aircraft production) ..., Beijing is also far from the leading countries. Therefore, China will always have to catch up with international rivals. Currently, Beijing's priority is still narrowing the gap with Western industrial platforms, focusing on developing production facilities Only, there is a factory from spare parts to finished products, less dependent on imports, Chimits said. Tran (According to Global Times, RFI)

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