China Exercises Against Terror With Tajikistan Before Concerns From Afghanistan

China will conduct an anti-terrorism exercise with Tajikistan before the concern about security increasing after the Taliban gained control of Afghanistan.0: 00/3: 08 South China South China Morning Post (SCMP) on 18- 8 reporting Chinese will start the exercise against Tajikistan in the context of concerns about regional security increasing after the Taliban controls Afghanistan. The battle will take place right outside the capital Dushanbe Tajikistan's. Beijing government said the Chinese Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Interior Tajikistan led the exercise of "2021 anti-terrorist cooperation" exit to last two days. The US military withdraws from Afghanistan and quick takeover Taliban caused a chaos, while making a deep concern that the terrorist forces in Afghanistan would cross the border and attack neighboring countries

. Cong Trieu Khuong Chi, Minister of Public Security China. Photo: SCMP "International situation is currently changing and the situation of anti-terrorism in the non-optimistic area" - Mr. Trieu Khac Chi, Minister of Public Security China, said in a letter to the Interior Minister Tajikistan Ramazon Hamro Rahimzoda and Mr
SaiMumin Yatimov, Chairman of the Tajikistan State Committee on national security. "General exercises will enhance the availability of the two sides of the practice of anti-terrorism skills , showing the determination of both parties in counter-terrorism and effectively dealing with terrorist threats that both faced "- Mr. Trieu said.Theo Mr. Trieu, Beijing is also willing to cooperate tightly Stried with Tajikistan in border control and promoting cooperation in the framework of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) "to protect bilateral and regional security". Before, on August 16, he Rahimzoda announced that common tactical exercises between the two countries will focus on anti-terrorism in the mountains. In the meeting of officials on both sides, They also discussed against organized crimes, exchanging information and training of highly qualified human resources. Chinese and Tajikistan teams participated in an 8-day exercise in Pamirs in the Xinjiang region. In August 2019. Photo: Xinhuakhu Central Asia is currently facing serious security pressure after US President Joe Biden announced the plan to withdraw the whole troops from Afghanistan
The most worried countries are Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, which have the same border with Afghanistan. In the meantime, China is also afraid to think that extreme elements and terrorism in Afghanistan and Central Asia will Considering how the American withdrawal is an opportunity to flow into sensitive Xinjiang areas, threatening the safety of Beijing's strategic investment projects in the framework of belt and roads. China and Tajikistan did Deeper than the security relationship of both since the US started the war in Afghanistan in 2001. The two countries have conducted a number of common exercises since 2006, both bilaterally and in the SCO framework, In order to address security concerns in the Central Asia region. In the visit to Dushanbe in the previous month, China's Defense Minister Wei Phuong Hoa told President Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon that Beijing was willing to promote cooperation Anti-terrorism to prevent cross-border influence and together against terrorist organizations to e In the regional security. Eile this month, Tajikistan organized a three-party military exercise with Russia and Uzbekistan in sports school 20 km from the Afghanistan border, while China last week had a joint exercise with Russia, Focus on anti-terrorism, in Ningxia, Northwest China, according to SCMP. Chapter

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