China First Detected Giant Dinosaur Fossils

A dinosaur study published online in Science Report International Academic Journal, said that the Chinese - Brazilian research collaboration was first detected large dinosaur fossils in Xinjiang, China. 0: 00/1: 03 South Southern China - Brazilian collaboration collaboration by Uong Diamond researchers under the Institute of Burungstatic Animal and Annects, Leading 3 fossils of dinosaurs include: 1 part of the ancient vertebrae, ending the tail and vertebrae in the dinosaur population with wings under the early white chalk in Hami, Xinjiang, China dating back to 120 - 130 million years. Chinese Silk Road (left), Dragon Hami Xinjiang (right). Photo: Global Timec The researchers are based on the characteristics of the neck vertebrae and vertebrae of bones, setting up two new species and new spending of dinosaurs, named "Chinese Silk Road" and "Dragon Hami Xinjiang". Another paragraph has not been named by fossils that are seriously destroyed and unclear characteristics

. This is the first time Polygonosaurus dinosaur fossils of Sairopods are discovered in the strata of white pollen early in Xinjiang , also the first major dinosaur fossils found in winged dinosaur animal populations in Hami, Xinjiang ./. PV / VOV-Beijing

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