China First Publicly Believe The Heavy Transport Aircraft Y-20 To Truong Sa

The first time the Chinese troops reported that Y-20 transport aircraft landed down artificial islands on the East Sea to transport the expired soldiers stationed in the islands and reefs on land instead of the previous ship. Chinese soldiers expired from unauthorized stations in Truong Sa to the Y-20 on the mainland (Photo: Sina). On September 18, the public WeChat account of the Nam Hai Fleet posted an airplane information disclosure Large transport Y-20 of the Chinese military air force (PLA) landed on the airport on artificial islands Cross, Subi and rim in the Spratly Islands of the Vietnamese sovereignty and accretion and illegal construction. This is China's first official information about the Y-20 aircraft landing on the islands on the East Sea. The image included in Wechat showed that the soldiers expired to stay here are waiting for the plane to come and Being on the plane to return to the mainland as well as the soldiers broke up together

. In the comment area of this news, a netizen named "Wula" wrote: "It is honored to return to the land by Y-20". The photos do not show the landing location of the y- 20, but at least can prove that it is one of the airports on artificial islands that China has built at the cross coral reefs, subi and towel rims. It is also likely that it landed on all three airports on the same day
China's Y-20 heavy-duty aircraft aircraft (Photo: Sina). Information published by the Nam Hai Fleet also said "Pine Often due to objective conditions, military aircraft are usually only used to transport valuable materials or transporting officers and soldiers who are suddenly sick. " Starting last year, the parties were actively coordinated to give the soldiers to ride a "special gift". Before, Hong Kong's South China Morning Post page reposted satellite image, On December 25, 2020, a large-sized Y-20 transport aircraft produced by China appeared on the airport runway in the cross stone, but this news was not officially confirmed by China. / 5 This year, a squad consists of 16 military aircraft of the PLA air force, including the Y-20 that flew the East Sea patrol and was denounced by Malaysia to invade the country. After that, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Uong Van Ban answered the question related to the issue in a press conference, saying that this is the "Regular Trainer Flying Activities implemented by the Chinese Air Force Southern Southern Sea Zone (ie the Spratly Islands of the Vietnamese sovereignty) and are not targeted in any country. During the training period, the Chinese Air Force strictly comply with the provisions of international law and did not go into the heavens of other countries. "Y-20 Images landed on the airport at the end of the year 2020 but not confirmed by China (Photo: SCMP). Thanks to the Hoan Cau Times, China's official media agency on September 18 quoted the Weather military expert to show that the aircraft Download Y-20 appears here shows that airports on the underground sites in Trường Sa can fully meet the conditions for large and landing aircraft. This plane is used to transport landmarks to land, of course, can also transport troops and equipment
This shows that the PLA has the ability to quickly react at the islands and reefs on the East Sea, quickly deploying force to the islands and reefs they are occupying on the East Sea by air. Building and putting into operation 4 airports on the islands and reefs they occupy illegally on the South China Sea, including: Phu Lam Islands (in the Paracel Islands), artificial islands Cross, Subi and Rim Towels (in the Spratly Islands). In addition, China is intending to be intended to create an artificial island to build an airport on Scarborough underground beach is disputing with the Philippines (China called Huangyan) .Y-20 performs the task of dropping soldiers and Military media (Photo: Sohu). In 2016, China continuously announced the construction progress of airports on three artificial islands Cross, Subi and Towels. In January 2016, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the construction of the new airport on the cross stone was completed and the test flights are underway. On the morning of July 13, two passenger aircraft of the Nam Phuong civil airline in turn landed into the new airports on the rim and subi and then returned to Haikou on the same day, the test flight was Successfully, according to the Sina News page, September 18 is a special day, the 90th anniversary of the "18/9 variable" immediately on September 18, 1931, the Japanese army opened attacks Northeast China Province. On the morning of Saturday on Saturday 18/9/2021, China pulled the air conditioner siren across the country to remind Chinese people to not forget on September 18 and historical tragedy cannot be repeated. That "The Nam Hai fleet announced this news on September 18 could be random, but it was possible to see from a long history, China was manic and mighty. 90 years ago, strength

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