China Is About To Bring Huge Researchers To Hoang Sa, Violating Vietnamese Sovereignty

On July 7, Hong Kong newspaper reported that China will take the 'University of Ton Trung Son' to the Paracel Islands of Vietnam in October to 'promote exploration of resource-rich seas'. Vietnam announced that all activities in this area without Vietnamese permission are illegal and worthless in charge of 9: 00/2: 53 Southern southern region of Ton Trung Son University research ship. (Photo: Guangzhou Daily) At the regular press conference in the afternoon of July 8, answering reporter's question suggested that Vietnam's response to this information, the Foreign Ministry spokesman Le Thi Thu Hang replied Dinh, Vietnam has a full legal basis and historical evidence to affirm sovereignty over two Spratly and Hoang Sa archipelago, as well as legal rights to Vietnamese waters defined Conquered with the United Nations Convention on Sea Law (UNCLOS) 1982. "All scientific exploration, survey and research activities in the Paracel Islands without the permission of Vietnam are violating sovereignty and The relevant rights of Vietnam, is illegal and invaluable, "Ms. Hang declared

. According to the article of South China Morning Post, the ship" Ton Trung Son University "is located at the Shipyard Factory Jiangn Nam Thuong Hai, where China's Monday and 3rd carriers are manufactured. This workshop has handed over the ship to researchers at Ton Trung Son University in Guangzhou. The ship was named after this university in an organizational ceremony in Shanghai last month
China said that Chinese research vessels "University of Ton Trung Son" is considered "large mobile laboratory on Sea ", with a length of 113m, 19.4m wide and a volume of water resilience 6.880 tons. On the deck, 760m2 floor surface is for fixed laboratories and more than 610m2 for 10 Telestial-style mobile labs -Nhow, allow researchers to collect samples on the sea and analyze them right on the train before moving the land data. There is a helicopter to transport people and equipment as well as allow the machines Drone (UAV) take off to expand the scope of aerial science, on the sea and sea bottom. Authorities are expected to install an additional weather radar on the ship next year.Gs Yu Weidong, working at the atmosphere of the atmosphere, Ton Trung Son University, told the newspaper news to the evening. The ship will arrive in the area of Hoang Sa Islands in October in October, to study "moisture in the western boundary of the South China Sea as well as neighboring waters to provide scientific support in the prevention Eastline ". East sea is a major humidity supply area for rains in southern China and super storms coming from the East Sea every year has severely devastated ecosystems in the mainland. Mr
Yu said, the ship "Ton Trung Son University" will learn about areas such as ocean atmosphere, sea floor, marine biology and archeology. At the handover ceremony, Chen Chunsheng, party secretary Ton Trung Son University has declared, the launch of the ship can "strongly support solid progress in implementing major national strategies". China is illegally occupied the Paracel Islands Vietnam and have turned many structures in this archipelago into military outpost, so that they are based on the East Sea.

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