China Is Closer To Korea, How Does Korea React?

China wants to promote cooperation with Korea which can be clearly seen, but Korea will choose which approach to this major partner, in the context of the American ally is also urging Korea to stand back Their side-counterbauses with China? Today (September 14), Member of the State Council and Foreign Minister China Wang My started the official visit to Korea. This is the second visit of Mr. Vuong Hoi for the past 1 year took place at the time before the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Korean-China diplomatic relations. Photo: Reuters. Those to attract the attention of public opinion during the visit can be seen, the visit to Korea this time by Mr

. Vuong Hoang took place in the context of "competition to affect" America - Trung is hot back is in Asia. At the end of last month, the US envoy to Korea - Mr. Sung Kim had a 4-day visit to Korea
In addition, US Vice President Harris has just a trip to ASEAN countries and only 2 weeks Mr. Vuong Hoi went to this area right before visiting Korea. This visit is noticed by public opinion when taking place Only a few days after US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Hi Binh had the first telephone within 7 months. The telephone will be said to be "frank and open" but has not achieved a remarkable specific progress. It is easy to see, the US government under President Biden chooses how to strengthen relations with copper Minh to fight the growing influence of China in the region. Coming to the United States along with countries in the quartet group (Japan, USA, Australia, India) held the first direct summit at the end of the month. US lawmakers have proposed an additional bill of three Asian allies, including Korea to join the "Label" intelligence alliance led by the US. Therefore, public opinion is concerned about whether or not movements in medium-welding relations in the context of US-China competition increasing. In addition, public opinion is particularly interested in China and Korea as an important role in countries in Korea who will discuss, to help curb Korea's nuclear ambitions. At the same time, the Non-Nuclearization negotiations were stalled
The Message of Mr. Vuong Hoi when he came to Korea to visit this time, Mr. Vuong Hoi will help China achieve many different purposes. In addition to the purpose of strengthening the relationship, strengthening cooperation in the fields of the context of the challenges of Covid-19 pandemic, towards 30 years of establishing diplomatic relations 2 countries. Mr. Vuong Kho might be able to ask Korea to support Beijing Winter Olympics to take place in February next year. The two sides can also discuss to promote the visit to Seoul of Chinese President of the NEW. Earlier, the two countries agreed to promote this visit when the Covid-19 translation situation was improved. This visit marks the second visit to Korea in less than a year and times Meeting 2 with the Korean co-author Chung Eui-yong in less than 6 months. Show that China is taking care of relations with Korea and focuses on this link to relax the rope between the US and allies in Asia. Perhaps the deep message of this visit, China wants to show the United States to see the role and influence of China does not decline before the pressure of "restraining" the US and allies. National avoiding "dilemma" can be seen, when compared to Korea with Japan - 2 countries are American close allies in Asia. Last time, Japan and the United States always achieved consensus and positive in publicizing the "restraint" China strategy. While Korea, Korea seems to be quite "shy" that does not show "to face" with China like Japan. Shows that Korea is implementing a smart foreign policy, balancing between one side still maintaining, strengthening the traditional allies of one side still strives to improve relations with neighboring China, one The leading important trading partner. South Korea President Moon Jae-In is always committed to developing traditional alliances with the US but he also emphasizes the need for cooperation with neighboring countries, such as Trung Nationwide Covid-19 has a negative impact on the economic and social situation in China and South Korea, making both realize that it must quickly restore completely and promote the relationship Economic, trade and bilateral investment. Long persistent epidemics tied the two sides to find the appropriate way of cooperation in the situation to live with the pandemic. Besides, the fact that China is mitten by the US, Korea is more difficult to treat. The process of peace negotiations between the US and North Korea, the more stalemate, the more Korea must rely on China. To avoid falling into this "dilemma" situation, South Korean President Moon Jae-in is still right keep me

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