China Is Not Easy To Take Advantage Of Unprecedented Cracks In The Us And France

Unpreceded cracks between the US and France revolve around the US - British - Australian Alliance (Aukus) raised suspicion of Washington's commitment to the Xuyen Atlantic coalition, giving China the opportunity to improve Quan system with Europe. The oldest US allied - last week summoned the Ambassador of this country in both Australia and in the US after the Aukus Alliance was established, Canberra canceled the French diesel submarine contract to transfer To cooperation with the United States, he closed at least 8 nuclear submarines. China China criticized Aukus threatened to peace and stabilize the area, Beijing will closely monitor the situation. Chinese observation reviews The above diplomatic crisis may be an opportunity to improve relations with Europe, the forces who want to maintain strategic autonomy, do not stand on any factions in the US competition - Trung.Theo specialist Dinh Nhat has worked For the World Development Agency of the Chinese National Development Research Center: "At some point, the incident reduces the credibility of the commitment Cooperating with Europe that the United States offers, an opportunity for China to strengthen relations "

." Dinh nailed the cancellation of the contract that France ever praised as a "century agreement" like a strong blow into trust Europe for the US allied capital has been chipped from the decision to withdraw from Afghanistan a month ago. Vuong Nghia international relations professor of Beijing People's University said the Lien Minh Lien Colander showed Australia It is clear that the United States prioritizes English for native language more than across the Atlantic alliances. "America has returned, but American benefits are still a priority", according to Professor Vuong
Dù is a long time , France still cannot accept the US and Australia "stabbed behind the back" - Photo: The Hillquan China - EU consecutive months recently badly worse due to human rights conflict in Xinjiang, making European Parliament ( EP) decided to stop reviewing an investment agreement between the two parties. In addition, Lithuania also caused Beijing to get angry because it allowed Taiwan to open a representative office to use the name "Taiwan" instead of "Taipei" as practiced. In the US watching China as strategic rival, EU Also calling this Asian country is a systematic opponent. However, the block still advocated in cooperation with China in some areas such as climate change or preserving biodiversity, Professor Dinh Thuan of Phuc Linh University said. The French President Emmanuel Macron supports thermostat Effort to build EU self-control strategy. In February this year he used to call for the block should not automatically stand on the US against China, although between them and Washington sharing a lot of general values. "Although America successfully attracted Australia, But pushing France and the European ally far away. At some point the US doesn't care much about the benefits of allies, which can make Europe pursue stronger strategic autonomy ". Although the opportunity has come, China is not sure easy Benefits from American - French conflicts. Last year, France strengthened the South China Sea with patrol activities near the disputed area, with the United States and Japan exercise together
Edit Arnaud Tranchant - Tonnerre ship commander took the task of moving through the East Sea - Once declared France wanted to strengthen relations with the Ministry of America - Japan - India - Australia (Quad), which is the alliance to restrain China.

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