China Joined Cptpp: Is It Really Far Away?

Joining the Comprehensive Partnership Agreement and Trans-Pacific Progress (CPTPP) is an opportunity for Beijing to show a more proactive role in building international play rules instances.00: 00/4: 58 South China National Face with many advantages and challenges when applying for joining CPTPP - Artwork. (Source: Getty Images) On September 17, China surprised when officially applying for CPTPP accession. Many experts think that this is only a strategic post of Beijing to react after Washington established a US Security - British - Australian security partner (Aukus). Added in, China needs approval of 11 countries in CPTPP to officially join the agreement

. In the context of the relationship between China with Australia and Canada continues to stress, many people believe the Beijing ability will be difficult to convince these two countries. It also emphasizes the economic and trade standards of the economic and trade standards of Beijing is relatively far away from CPTPP. Most argue that Beijing joined CPTPP is far away, can even never come
However, Mr. Henry Gao, Associate Professor Law at Singapore Management University, Professor at the International Trade Research Institute Shanghai (China), with Mr. Weihuan Zhou, Research Director at Herbert Smith Freehills Cibel on Law and Justice at the University of New South Wales (Australia) thinking differently. This identifies whether many times confirmed to "bring America back", but the government of President Joe Biden cannot start or complete any international trade agreement in eight-month-tease. Instead, this is the perfect opportunity for China to find a way to join the trade agreement used by Americans "measuring shoes" to control the influence of Beijing itself. That, joining CPTPP will reflect the role More proactive by China in building international play rules after the end of the regional comprehensive economic partner agreement (RCEP) With Asian neighbors last year and the Comprehensive Investment Agreement on European Countries in December 2020. In addition, China has a careful preparation process before applying for a CPTPP. Since 2013, Beijing has considered a part of the New Generation Freedom Trade Agreement on and by November 2020, the President of the NEX officially confirmed this desire. The preparation process is pushed Fast earlier this year, after the Chinese State Council officially appointed a new international trade representative - the highest level official in charge of trade negotiations - after this position was more vacant Two consecutive years. At that time, the Chinese Ministry of Trade translated and published the entire contents of CPTPP
However, the decision to apply for a new generation trade agreement is a result one The process of preparing stretching. Not a few experts say that this is only a strategic post of Beijing to react after Washington established a US Security Partner-Anh-Australia (Aukus). Playing together, China is ready to meet the high standards of CPTPP? Actually show the distance between the Requirements from the Freedom Trade Agreement This new and international trade obligations are not as big as many people imagined. Because, despite concerns about the "double circulatory" strategy, the last time China actively removed the barrier to trade and investment, creating conditions to promote negotiations, becoming part of CPTPP. Applications such as stories about state-owned enterprises (SOES). Chinese ways to use SOES to achieve development goals and strategies, have long been carefully interested by the international community. When negotiating the international trade organization (WTO) in 2001, China has accepted compliance with special, more stringent conditions such as extensive laws, deterring to the market, SOES and the role of the Government in commercial activities. CPTPP has upgraded , concretizing some general rules of the WTO, but these requirements are considered to be less intense than what China has had to commit to implement when joining WTO. In addition, currently some members in CPTPP has been entitled to compliance with many terms in the SOES.DO item, not excluding the possibility that China will work hard to achieve the same benefits once joining the Freedom Trade Agreement New consisting of 11 countries. A other area mentioned in CPTPP is a number of trade requirements, with many people considered this as a "impossible" task for Central National. However, the country has accepted RCEP's similar commitment to ensure cross-border data flow and prohibit "data localization". Options about the level, RCEP's requirements are not strict like CPTPP, instruments As if about transferring source code. Today, China's request for transferring source code is mainly in the field of banking, goods or government services. This is not conflicted with CPTPP, when the Chapter on E-Commerce does not mention the financial services and the purchase and sale activities of the Government.

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