China Large Quality Fighter J-16 Fixing Navigation Of Taiwan Island

The Chinese army for 19 aircraft there were 12 J-16 fighters, entered the air conditioning area of Taiwan Island. Approach occurred on the same day the Taiwanese island government applied for a comprehensive partnership agreement and Trans-Pacific Progress (CPTPP). The Taiwan Island Defense Agency said that the Military Military Air Plane National consists of 12 multipurpose fighters J-16, two J-11 fighters, two strategic strategic strategies H-6, three-year---aircraft aircraft-based aircraft to enter the air conditioning area (ADIZ) of Hon Island today. The Chinese aircraft flying in the area between Taiwan Island and the East Sacc Islands China just moved in the southwestern region of Taiwan Island, while the Bombing Group H-6 and Y -8 Flying further about the southeastern area of the island. The defense volume isolated in Taiwan Island, Article Relevance and warning through radio waves with Chinese aircraft groups

. (F-16 fighter image Taiwan Attaching China H-6 bomber). At the same time the island's air defense missile system is also enabled to monitor the Chinese aircraft border, in During the process they entered the area to identify the Non-Island Division. Appendix the same day the Taiwanese island government applied for a comprehensive partner agreement and trans-Pacific progress (CPTPP), yet Filled after the Chinese Ministry of Trade announced to apply for this organization to join the Organization
The Earth Army of the Chinese Army of the Chinese army is given to put pressure on the island in this regard. China always considers Taiwan a consistent province and claims to use force if needed. The Chinese army organized many rehearsals around Taiwan Island with advanced weapons, while continuously the military aircraft approaching the island, causing Taiwan Island defense to cost a lot of costs and manpower To stop. In the number of Chinese aircraft used by China, J-16 accounts for even more. Although this is a product that is supposed to learn from Su-30mk Russia, but it seems Beijing is quite confident with this new type of fighter. Multipurpose J-16 developed by China will become a syringe The Chinese key size can be used to deterrent enemy. It is known that the J-16 versatile fighter is developed by China based on the J-11BS platform (copying from Su-27) with a few modifications SU-30MK standards that the country bought from Russia. This versatile fighter is forecast to become the spine of the Chinese Air Force (PLAAF) in the future with the number of production without less than several hundred. considered a copy of the Russian Su-30mk when there are many similarities from the shape to the technical characteristics but PLAAF confidently affirmed that its versatile fighter owns more superior features Principle Protection.J-16 was first introduced in 2012 but PLAAF does not provide more information about this fighter during a long time
In the parade celebrating the 90th anniversary of the army I liberates the Chinese people in August 2017, J-16 suddenly appeared to fly parades with other fighters. J-16's gas is about the anti-ship task and attack the ground. That makes the analyst to believe that it is specially designed for potential military campaigns against Taiwan Island. This is the first kind of fighter that can bring full Chinese weapons as rocket Remove the flagship, no, missile for the land, smart bomb led satellite channels and electronic antagonists (ECM). J-16 design apps mainly from Su-30mkk injection, But equipped with radar systems and clinging to China's domestic target. The above oil relay does not enhance war radius, allowing the implementation of deep attacks within the enemy territory. China also Developing the J-16D electronic battle variation, suspected of copying from American EA-18G Growler fighter. Electronic combat devices attached to the J-16D wing is quite similar to AN / ALQ-218 on EA-18G Growler. This is an electromagnetic sensor that can analyze frequency and locate radio signal generators, from which to interfere and lock the target. Some J-16 have started testing Radar application of phase array technology Active electronics (AESA), however they have not been equipped with Dai Tri.J-16 is considered to be the most powerful copy from the Su-27/30 Russia fighter, but the observers That still takes time to verify the performance of this fighter line.

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