China Newspaper Indicates The Weakness Of The Vietnamese Team

According to Sina, the Chinese team owns players who can shape very well, superior to Vietnamese rivals and this is the advantage of the billion-billionaire team against the army of Coach Park Hang Seo.0: 00 / 2: 46 South regain based on the end of the World Cup 2022 in Asia, Chinese media believes the home team will defeat the team of Coach Park Hang Seo when owning the height superior to the opponent. The Sina, the Chinese team owns players who can shape very well, superior to Vietnamese rivals can be mentioned as Elkerson (1M81), Guo Tianyu (1m85) and Zhang Yuning (1m92). " Elkerson is 1m81 tall and despite limited in non-war situations but certainly can still make Vietnamese team players strenuous. Meanwhile, Guo Tianyu and Zhang Yuning have a superior height

. Compared to the Hau Vietnam's defense team, then clear up too much advantage ", Sina viet.Ve height Vietnam Tel defense, the newspaper listed:" the key defenders like or B Que Ngoc Hai Tien Dung was less than 1m80 and they showed not too strong when disputes. The right-back of the Vietnam team is Van Thanh only 1m72 high
The left-back is a 1m85 high-pitching, but the body is not really good. Van Thanh and Van Lau will face a lot of difficulties before confronting Zhang Yuning and Guo Tianyu, not mentioning the strong strikers on the Chinese side as Alan or Elkerson ". Chinese news Bringing the Vietnamese team before that, sharing with the media after recruiting Vietnam is located in Table B with China, Japan ... Tien Linh striker said that Vietnam recruitment can win China: "It is difficult to Win tickets to the World Cup. But we will fight to the end. The underestimated to help us comfortably, can create unexpectedly. China is the opponent that Vietnam has the highest winning ability in Table B ". Spirit is currently the most scored striker for Vietnam in the second qualifier (5 goals in the total of 13 goals of the team)
He himself made a double, helping U22 Vietnam to defeat China 2-0 in the draft match on the opponent on September 8, 2019. After that match, the Chinese Football Federation fired coach floating Dutchman Guus Hiddink.Theo hour schedule, team Vietnam and China will play the first leg on the date 07.10.2021. the match was originally scheduled to take place in China but can be moved Sang Qatar. While the first two sides will take place on February 1, 2022 (Mosquito Tet) on My Dinh yard.AFC still keeps the old competition, stone circle two cars - Away, starting in September 2021 to 3/2022. The two teams headed each board to win the World Cup Finals 2022 in Qatar. The two teams ranked third in each other to play tickets for play-off interlocking areas . Vietnam recruiting military on September 2, equal The trip to Saudi Arabia.Hong Ngoc - According to Education

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