China: Objectives And Impacts Of Economic Control Policies

The Chinese government seems to begin to deploy stricter control policies to maintain the stable role of the State in the second largest economy of the world.02: 00/10: 48 male students at school High School No. 6 in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. Photo: THX / TTXVN in mid-June 2021, Chinese President Hijack mentioned a policy change, which later wastewed stock markets from Shanghai to New York. Speaking at the after-school club for elementary school students in Tay Ninh City, His Wijack mentioned the increasing pressure on time and costs for students and parents in learning matters further

. He promised to reduce the burden for them, and said the departments need to correct this situation. Although his comment on the NEW at that time was almost not noticed by global investors, But the controls and limitations for tutoring companies then have become the most obvious evidence for the priorities of Chinese President. It is to ensure social and national security stability
Earlier, Chinese officials offered new regulations on data security assessment before the company wants to issue public offshore shares (IPO) abroad, directive to service companies Delivery of food Adjustment for delivery staff, while giving measures to limit the housing price escalation. To support people who work with seasonal work with less stable salary, the Parents are "headache" with increasing housing prices and tuition prices, and small businesses are dealing with monopoly in the field of technology, the Chinese government is trying to find ways to relieve these The difficulty of the middle class is facing. These challenges also appear in many other countries, but the Chinese way of promulgating policies to respond very attention. Prior to the Policy last week after the visit to Tay Ninh, the Chinese government love Bridges companies that provide additional tutoring services to become "non-profitable". Teaching industry in this country is said to be too focused on profits, and this is a strong measure to correct education. The Chinese government also limited foreign investment in companies in this type. Finally July, the Chinese Institute of Institute has launched the requirements of additional major courses for non-profit and pursuits. IPO deals or receiving foreign investment capital. This policy has seriously affected the teaching industry worth 100 billion USD in China. While investors in this field, with large funds from Temasek to Warburg Pincus, complain about new regulations, many Chinese parents welcome this measure
In big cities, more than one Half households said they felt pressure from the cost for their children to learn more. Liu Shu, a 39-year-old manager at an insurance company in Beijing, said her husband and wife spent 200,000 to 300,000 yuan (about 31,000 to 46,400 USD) each year for further classes of 9-year-old son. This amount is more than three times higher than the average availability of residents in the Chinese capital. The issue of adding pressure on the psychology of children, and household finances. It also makes couples who do not want to give birth to many children, and indirectly create a disadvantage factor for China's demographic structure. Strong measures to tighten the recent private education sector Make foreign investors "insecure" because they fear unknown what areas will be the next target of management agencies. Goldman Sachs analysts argue that China's control measures are unprecedented with the execution time, level and scope as well as on the time of new policy announcement. This has continued to speed up the trend of selling Chinese stocks. According to Bloomberg's data, the market value of these areas has been "evaporated" about 1,500 billion USD since February. In many decades, the Chinese government on the one hand holds strict control over the Strategic fields such as banking and oil and gas, on the one hand still allow business entrepreneurs and investors to trade freely and apply new technology, opening up growth opportunities for the economy. The growth slowed and stressed with the United States increased, Beijing is aiming to other goals, which is the common prosperity and national security. This is also considered reason why China strongly controls the industries that are creating the most inappropriate in society. Observers, the current three policy priorities are reducing the burden of paying for education, health care and real estate. Currently, technology is still the main goal. On July 30, Chinese authorities have summoned the country's major technology companies to inform the requirements related to data security issues, and declared to enhance monitoring The company has stock listed abroad. Chinese officials also accuse companies

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