China Prepares 4-day Exercise In The South China Sea

The Chinese Department of Hai (MSA) has announced that the country's troops will conduct two exercises in the South China Sea from December 17-20.. On the website of the Department, the real bullet shot exercise will perform Out in the Gulf of Tonkin on August 17. Thus, the battle area was identified in the Chinese waters in the Northern Bay. Hms Queen Elizabeth Airport Bring F-35 Fighting of the American Marines Activate with a battleship Allies in the South China Sea Royal Navy on this page also announced the exercise to take place in the South China Sea from 18-20

.8. The results of the limited coordinates of the exercise area are stated in the notice to Google Maps, showing that area is located near the southeast coast of Hainan Island. In the background of many countries, many countries are falling to the South China Sea , both the US and allies and China have conducted large-scale exercises in the area
Before that, the completion of the day 5.8 reported that China organized a large-scale exercise in the South China Sea from 6 - 11.8. The contents of exercises have not been published in detail, but according to this newspaper, it does not exclude the possibility of Beijing will fire blasting blasting against the flagship, as the launch of two bullish missiles killed the weather 21 and Dong Phong 26 in August 8.2020.nh Anh (TH)

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