China Racing With Nasa To Develop Global Laser Satellite Networks

China has just conducted a high-speed contacts with a pioneer using laser technology between satellites with the North-Stool navigation system and ground stations, instead of using radio signals as usual. The last crystal in the North-Stool satellite system is launched from 2020. (Photo: CCTV) This method can allow a satellite to shoot data beams to the ground with a lot of gigabibyte / sec, instead of calculating By kilobyte like today, researchers participating in the project said. The super-fast communication ability of the North System in the test is still kept secret. China and the US are participating in the fierce race to establish laser telecommunications networks on space

. On November 28, the US Aerospace Agency (NASA) said that after 2 years of delaying, the agency in the following month will launch a satellite to test the data transfer method via the laser beam with speed 2,8 Gb / sec. The North-Stool satellite connected to the user on the ground through the radio signal, can only be delivered shortly because of limited bandwidth. With the support of lasers, this network can transfer data at a rate faster than millions of times to any place at any time
Laser contact provides much broader bandwidth, less blocked To be eavesdropping or obstructed, if the electronic war occurs. The Battery is the largest global satellite navigation network today, with a larger number of satellite numbers than GPS. It provides communication and positioning services, which can be used in many civil and military applications. Jiangtheo SCMP

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