China Stopped Freight Ship To Lithuania Due To Related Taiwanese Problem?

China has stopped directly cargo trains to Lithuania, in the context of tension between the two countries tendency to increase due to Taiwan-related issues. According to South China Morning Post, China has stopped Direct freight trains to Lithuania, in the context of tension between the two countries tends to increase due to Taiwan-related issues. China stopped freight ships directly to Lithuania? Lithuania reported that China Railway Transport Company (CRCT) - a company directly under the Chinese Railway Group - has suspended freight directly to Lithuania "until a new announcement", Although there is no official confirmation of information on the above information. "Trains active between China and Lithuania stopped. The decision was made by state-owned companies (China) in charge of operating those trains

. We have not seen any official dispatch or order about stopping trains "- a source said. China has stopped freight trains to Lithuania. Artwork: XinhuaTheo source, transmission route between the two countries "No matter what" and doubt that stopping trips to bring political engines
Spokesman of Lithuania Railway Company (Lithuania Railways) Gintanas Liubanas said they have not received any official announcements about suspending the transportation route. "We now have received information from customers that some direct freight trains will not Go to Lithuania at the end of August and the first half of September. Meanwhile, transit trains passing through Lithuania still working normally. We hope the pre-adopted agreements will be respected "- Mr. Liubanas said. According to the Baltic News Service, CRCT told customers in Lithuania that they will pause the freight activities Directly. Even so, Chinese state media reported that China Railway Group has denied the command to stop the transportation route. This has caused some vague about whether the suspension is Official or not. Lithuania diplomacy - China before, stress between China and Lithuania increased after Beijing summoned their ambassadors in Lithuania. At the same time, Beijing also asked Vilnius to summon Ambassador Their in China, to oppose Lithuania allows Taiwan to open the Representative Office in this country
Lithuania allows Taiwan to open "Taiwan Representative Office" has made Beijing that Lithuania violates policy "A Chinese". In fact, Taiwan's representative offices in European countries are numb n is the "Taipei Representative Office". According to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Press Release on August 10, Beijing "calls Lithuania immediately to fix wrong decisions as well as conduct instrument measures Body to overcome damage and do not move deeper into the wrong path. "The report mentioned Lithuania can face the" potential consequences "if it allows Taiwan to open a representative office in this country, But not detailed. Also on August 10, Lithuania's Foreign Ministry expressed his "sorry" about Beijing's actions, emphasizing that Lithuania "is ready to develop mutually beneficial relationships with Taiwan , like many other countries in the world, on the basis of the principle of 'a Chinese' ", the news agency AP brought Tin according to SCMP, Vilnius confirmed that they will summon the Lithuanian ambassador in China Diana Mickeviciene to water after her It completed three weeks of isolation in Beijing. Government sources in Lithuania said that the suspension of the transportation route is a escalation in stress between two And that Beijing will most likely have more different moves, in addition to stopping trains directly to Lithuania.Theo SCMP, the scale of trade transactions between Lithuania and China is relatively low. Lithuania is also considered a European Union (EU) country with a fairly fierce criticism. In May, Lithuania is the first country withdrawing from the 17-1 cooperation mechanism between China and 17 countries Central and Eastern Europe, suggesting that this mechanism does not bring economic benefits to them as expected.

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