China ‘waiting And Observed’ When Ties With The Taliban

Beijing seems to choose a waiting approach and observe in relation to Afghanistan under the Taliban. China is interested in potential resources, providing tens of millions of million USD. But the border security is still the most interesting thing.0: 00/4: 02 male political leadership of Taliban Abdul Ghani Baradar (left) to meet Chinese Foreign Minister Wang in Tianjin last July. Photo: The Chinese government has recently committed to humanitarian aid for Afghanistan 30 million USD

. Previously, Beijing showed a view that was willing to support the government headed by the Taliban when China Foreign Minister welcomed a senior member of the Taliban in Tianjin city in July last year. The first visit of the Taliban delegation to China in 2015, this time China media brought about the meeting in Tianjin. Here, Mr
Vuong Missing the future point of view of Afghanistan must be decided by the country people and now it is when they have a convenient opportunity to establish stable and national development of national.Taliban "charming attacks" According to Helena Legarda scholar from the Chinese Research Institute Merics (Germany), China previously did not intend to intervene in internal progress in neighboring Afghanistan countries, a strategy in accordance with real foreign policy Use and flexibility about China's ideology. But when the Taliban came to power in Kabul, China would definitely be willing to cooperate with this force.Taliban opened the "charming attack" campaign before Beijing immediately after giving up. "China is our most important partner. This is a special opportunity, because China is willing to invest and reconstructed Afghanistan, "said Taliban Sabillah Mujahid spokesman for a view in the interview with the daily newspaper La Repubblica (Italy) earlier this month.Afghanistan There are many natural resources to invite, including oil, rare minerals such as lithium and cobalt - which are key materials for digital information technology. It seems that the Taliban will be delighted to provide this resource for China. However, the variable this potential into a specific economic activity is a different problem. In 2008, China's MCC mining group spent about $ 3 billion to buy exploration and exploitation licenses of Mes Aynak near Kabul, which was considered to be the most rich in the world
But since then this project is still in a condition of shining. Reuters's sources also confirmed that China's CNPC Oil and Gas Group was also charged from the Oil and Gas Mining project along the Amu Darya River basin in the Northeast Afghanistan border. Ninh is the most concerned Chinese factor The return of the Hoan Cau Times, once the security situation in Afghanistan is stable, China's private and state companies will jump into this South Asian country. "Many neighboring countries have established economic and commercial relations closely with China. In the long term, Afghanistan will also be an exception, "the repetition of the Circumstone. China Humanitarian aid for Afghanistan in the fight against Covid-19. Photo: DP Theating Minerals, Fuel is the Chinese thing, but stability and border security in Afghanistan adjacent to Xinjiang area is the most closely closely monitored Beijing. Taliban is not allowed to support diplomacy with Ngo Nhi Community in Xinjiang, or allows this ethnicity to refuge in Afghan territory - which is the highest limit China sets out. Chinese government also Interested in internal stability in neighboring countries. As soon as the Taliban came to power, Beijing expressed hope that the new government created by the Taliban would be representative of ethnicities and communities in Afghanistan. But the component of the new Taliban transition government announced last week only the characters of this force, there was no representative of women or ethnicities other than Pashtun. Excluded groups may be a factor to create instability. Reality on forcing China must choose an observation and waiting approach - Ms. Helena Legarda commented. Beijing will closely monitor the evaluation to see if the Taliban maintains peace and stability in Afghanistan or not, it is possible to protect China's interests in Afghanistan and the region or not. According to her, Beijing will involves with the Taliban, but not publicly committed to support this force. In the immediate future, it will focus on humanitarian assistance. Before, China and Russia spoke up supporting the release of $ 10 billion of Afghanistan's reserves are frozen abroad due to pressure from the US. "These are properties that belong to Afghan people and so people people use it. Do not consider this a tool to put pressure on threats or restraint, "China Ambassador in the United Nations Geng Shuang said. Tai / News News (DW)

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