China Wants To Use The American ‘save Earth’

Chinese scientists want to use 23 Chinh Truong 5 missiles to push Bennu asteroids away from the Earth.0: 00/3: 54Nam Northern regional research published in Icarus magazine, experts at the center The Chinese National Space Science is planning to launch a missile squadron into space to divert a asteroid away from the script to rush into the earth. China's 5th school fire is 900 tons of this planet It is Bennu - meteorite with a diameter of about 492m, with an approximate life system. This asteroid is about 320 million km from the Earth but has orbits that can rotate, with the most closely distance of the Earth of 7.4 million km

. Bennu's Future Futures show it 7.5 million KM over the period from 2175-2199. Experts have calculated that, during this period, Bennu will have a probability of 1 / 2,700 collision with the Earth
Bennu planet has many times grazed across the Earth and is rated by NASA with a probability of collision Relatively high, can cause human disasters in the 22nd century. Li Mingtao research house and colleagues at the National Space Science Center in Beijing are assigned to understand the measure to avoid a disaster script Occurs. According to Mr. Li Mingtao, launching 23 Chinh Truong Chinh missiles 5 (CZ-5), each rocket weighs nearly 900 tons when taking off, from many locations across China at the same time. They will fly nearly 3 years to approach the target. The calculation, on each missile is a deviation device, designed to avoid breaking asteroids. Each missile will turn into asteroids with a mild impact. This way only does the flight of Bennu large objects change slightly, but enough for it to fly through the safe distance 1.4 times the Earth radius and save some cities from destroying. China It is planned to launch 23 chinh school missiles 5 pushing asteroids away from Earth
Samples, according to the research group, Chinh Truong 5 missiles will require minimum amendments - such as taking a mobile boob - In order to be able to use for the Mission to deflect the asteroid. In the study announced in June in Icarus magazine, the team said the non-nuclear method could protect the earth before the rex Big crystals within 10 years. In reporting research results, Mr. Li and colleagues said that fuel did not use it during the launch of rocket can provide additional thrust when flying towards asteroids. The rocket body also helps to increase the total mass of the system to deflect the direction. With this method, Chinese missiles have just created many energy, do not need to use nuclear weapons because this is both dangerous, still still suffered Prohibit in space. Using school missiles 5 can still bring risks. The size of the rocket causes concerns when the debris falls freely again to Earth, moves at a speed of thousands of kilometers per Giminh Bennu asteroids with NASA exploration ships. Chinese plans officially confronted With the American idea in this regard. America has replaned Hammer (HyperVelocity Asteroid Mitigation Mitigation for Emergency Response), to transport more than 400 tons of heavy-daring equipment, nearly doubling compared to China's proposal, but With longer flight time than a year, to achieve the same results. NASA's simulations show that there may be 34-53 attacks Hammer, all launched 10 years before Bennu and Earth collide, To deflect this asteroid to another direction. Samples, Mr. Li said that the US mission has a higher cost of China and longer preparation time. While the US method needs to detect asteroids 25 years before colliding with Earth, China's plan can reduce the time to 10 years. Bennu planet is the focus of NASA's Osiris Rex mission. . This mission is expected to return to Earth along with the samples taken from the Bennu asteroid in September 2023. Scientists want to collect from 60 grams to 2kg of this asteroid black and rich carbon specimens, The place is said to contain the first foundation bricks to create our solar system. In the last April, NASA's Osiris-Rex spacecraft has the last flight, goodbye to the Bennu asteroid. Nasa's spacecraft arrived in Bennu asteroids in December 2018 and turned around this asteroid. On October 20, 2020, the ship made a historic landing shot down to the Bennu asteroid and collected specimens from this asteroid surface. This asteroids can be shining more. Formation of the solar system and how elements like water are likely to be transferred to the early Earth due to the impact of asteroids. When Osiris-Rex returns to Earth in 2023, this spacecraft will drop the cabin Contains specimens to the Utah desert. A NASA group will take samples and transfer to a plane container designed as a temporary clean room. After that, the sample from the Bennu asteroid will be transferred to laboratories currently built in Johnson Space Center in Houston.

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