China Warns Usa So That Taiwan Changed The Name Of The Representative Office

Beijing is opposing Washington's ability to allow Taipei's Representative Office to rename and warn the US without challenging the principle of a Chinese. Taipei economic culture in Washington America is considering the recommendation of Taiwan (China) About renaming their representative office from Taipei Cultural and Economic Representative Office (Tecro) into Taiwan Representative Office, Financial Times leads sources to understand the situation. This issue has not been decided, and will need a decree of President Joe Biden if the US agrees, the Financial Times writes. Last week ago, Mr. Biden and Chinese President of the NEW

. Then the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Mr. Biden said "Never intend to change a Chinese policy". The White House Notice does not mention this issue
China considers Taiwan as a temporary divided province and will have to return to the mainland, possibly by force if needed. Observers said Beijing Considering the name of a violation of a principle of a Chinese and fearing the Domino effect in other countries. Analysis also agreed that the US is challenging China in Taiwan, when the two sides are contradictory in the row Other series such as Trade, Technology, Human Rights and East Sea. September 13, Chinese Ministry of Foreign Ministry spokesman Kien Kien said that the country was "strictly warning" and urged America to comply with Principles of a Chinese and 3 general announcements, given in 1972, 1979 and 1982. I said that Washington should "stop any form of official exchange between the US with Taiwan to improve relations , including the issue of renaming Tecro. This room is opened since 1979, originally named the North American Coordination Council in Washington. This office acts as the Embassy, after the US ends the official diplomatic relations with Taiwan to recognize Mainland China. Kinh always warns the country in the official exchange with the island or for Permissions Name "Chinese Republic" or Taiwan. In July, China Million Ambassador in Lithuania to the country after this European country allows Taiwan to rename representative office.Shi Yinhong, Church Master on international relations at the Beijing People's University, said that President Biden supported the Democratic Party progressed since Ms
Thai Anh Van became a Taiwanese leader, but unknown did Mr. Biden allowed to change a name or not When he is suffering from a lot of domestic pressure because the issue of withdrawal from Afghanistan.Binh GiangTeo ft

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