China’s ‘zero Covo’ Strategy Wobbled Because Of Delta Transformation

New outbreak - supposedly because a man isolated 21 days after coming from Singapore - shows the challenge with the policy 'no tolerance with Covid-19' of China.0: 00/4: 47 Southern new outbreaks in Fujian Province, China is thought to originate from a man who has completed the 21-day isolation after returning from abroad. More than 60 people have been infected, including 15 elementary students. The new translation appears 2 weeks after China announces the success of the worst Covid-19 episodes in over a year ago. This highlights the challenge due to the spread of Delta transformations, causing suspicion of the sustainability of the strategy of "0 Covid-19" (Zero Covid), even in the country with strict preventive measures The world's most, according to CNN

. After 37 days returning from the latest infection, the first time was discovered when the two brothers participated in the Covid-19 test periodically at a primary school in Tien Du, Thanh Phu Dien Street on September 9. A student and three other parents have positive results the next day. Advising the government has shown that a new parent returning from Singapore is likely to spread the disease, despite the man This completed the lasting isolation when returning to China
The man to Xiamen on August 4 and isolated at the hotel for 14 days. He continues to go through the 7-day isolation focused on a place designated in Tien Du, before returning home to monitor health for another week, according to the pursuant government. Have negative test results 9 times in 21 days isolation. On the 37th day, on September 10, after returning to China, he had positive results. Measures to close the border and requirements of mandatory quarantine with Chinese guests is one of the rules The most stringent translation room in the world. Since preventing the first outbreak in Wuhan, the Chinese government believes that all outbreaks in the country are due to infection from tourists or imported goods. Strictly wide in Fujian on 12 / 9. Photo: Xinhua. Chinese organs do not reveal when or where or how the man from Singapore has been infected with viruses, but the incubation period is more than 21 days longer is very unusual. The researchers in China The mind control and prevention of Cantonese disease detects Delta transformation with an average incubation period of 4 days, compared with an average of 6 days for the original strain
Some people ask questions whether the man has infected man Corona virus after he returned to Tien Du or not. The afternoon after the afternoon of September 12, Putians reported 32 new cases and 32 non-symptoms. China separates the number of symptoms and asymptomatic cases, and does not add non-symptoms to the total number of certified cases. This transist is spreading to other cities in the province. On September 13, the Chinese National Health Commission reported 6 cases in Quanzhou and another case in Xiamen. This panel appeared after another Delta transformation infection at the end of July In Jiangsu Province and spread out more than half of China's provinces. The translation caused 1,200 people with disease. Local authorities reacted by placing tens of millions of residents in tight blockade. They perform large-scale testing and traced campaigns, limit domestic moves. By the end of August, officials announced that the outbreak was "effectively controlled". Strategies "0 CAVID-19" are increasingly in the strategy "0 CAVID" seems to work , experts believe that China takes longer than the previous outbreaks to put the number of cases in zero. "It will be increasingly difficult to maintain that approach, in terms of time, The spirit of organization, finance and economy to put the number of cases of 0 ", Yanzhong Huang - a high-level global health member at the Foreign Relations Council - said. "No matter how strictly moving restrictions, will still record entry cases, thereby outbreaks in the country". Countries like Australia and Singapore have moved to a new approach to learning how to live together With Covid-19, after relying on "0 Covid-19" strategy since the pandemic began. A Nanjing train station disinfectant. Photo: Xinhua. However, China is doubling to continue this strategy. In Phu Dien, the government ordered 2.9 million residents not to leave the city unless it was really necessary. People with legitimate reasons to leave must produce negative test paper made within the previous 48 hours. Movie screenings, gyms, bars and libraries closed. Kindergarten, elementary and high schools also closed and organized online classes. Intimension, public transport service and taxi have suspended. Buses and trains leave the county also do not work. In China, such limited measures are still received by the public, partly due to only applicable in a small area. Most people still enjoy life like Covid-19 CH

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