Chinese Electric Gasoline Car Launches Southeast Asia Market

Haval H6 Plug-in Hybrid is China's next electric hybrid gasoline model that has just launched in Thailand.0: 00/1: 45 Southgreat Wall Motors (GWM) of China continues to attack the Thai market The launch of Haval H6 plug-in hybrid model. This is an improved version from H6 Hybrid has also launched here at the beginning of the year. HAVAL H6 plug-in hybrid is advertised with an incredible electricity and scope of electric move.HAVAL H6 PHUV has just launched a grille design that reminiscent of Peugeot SUVs of Chinese automobile manufacturers do not disclosure Many of the models but confirm, Haval H6 plug-in hybrid will continue to use a 1

.5-liter turbocharged engine that produces a capacity of 167 horsepower, combined with stronger electric motors on the Hybrid version. The electric motor is not published but according to GWM, the total capacity on the Hybrid plug-in version of H6 for a total impressive capacity of up to 326 horsepower, higher than 86 horsepower of the hybrid version. of the vehicle remains the same as on the hybrid version
But noticeable, the range moves when using the complete electrical running mode of the plug-in hybrid version according to more impressive publications, up to 201 km. This makes many people doubt about the accuracy. revealed but according to, it is possible that the vehicle will use lithium-ion batteries much larger than most types of use on the current hybrid plug-in. Redesign the head of the H6 PHEV car with a wider new grille, reaching out in the corners. This type of design is currently visible on new Peugeot models. In addition, other details are almost identical compared to the hybrid version before.

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