Chinese Football Expert Criticized Coach Li Tie Was Just A ‘gentle Teacher’

Chinese football expert He Xiaolong frankly criticized coach Li Tie is a poor quality teacher.0: 00/2: 01 south mainland Communications, football expert He Xiaolong said China (Chinese Football Football (China) CFA) has been doing a lot of work to bring the country's football to the top. "Our goal is to own a ticket in the World Cup 2022. All dreams can become currently Really if you really rush into the war and play with my mind, "Expert He Xiaolong said." If played in the World Cup, Chinese football will have a lot of benefits and difficulties in work Young training will be resolved

. The question is posed as the coach Li Tie deserves to be a great dealer? I think it is impossible, "he he Xiaolong suspects the talent of coach li.hlv Li tie is not appreciated." If you bet your child's future on an exam, you have to hire The best tablet
The vegetarian teachers will not be able to help your child. Your child will achieve a big goal if associated by good teachers, "Chinese football expert compares coach li tie just like a gentle teacher, not enough library of China. born in 1977, who played in the position of the defensive midfielder. As for the number of digital shirts, Mr. Li Tie had time to play in the Premier League for Everton and Sheffield United. in the Chinese coat color, he Li tie played 92 matches, scored 6 tables.HLV Li Tie used to be the former famous defensive midfielder of Chinese football.HLV Li Tie temporarily leading the Chinese recruitment after the coach Lippi resigned in November 2019 and was officially appointed as the captain in 2020. For over a year ago, recruiting China under the guidance of coach Li Tie did not captivate the trust of experts and fans. Determined for the goal of winning the World Cup 2022 tickets when deciding to postpone the athlete for more than 3 months, in parallel with strengthening the number of captains
H Play 3th World Cup 2022, Vietnam will encounter China on October 7, 2021 and 01/02 / 2022.Ha Vy

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