Chinese Motorcycle Cf 700cl-x Is Equipped With Cruise Control

The car is equipped with a cruise control system, features rarely seen on 700-cylinder motorbike lines. China CF Moto has launched a model of 700 CF700 CL-X in Malaysia. The car has a price of 6,812 USD and will be available in agents in November. Overall design CF700 CL-X affects a lot from Ducati Diavel and Honda CB600R. Especially front shock absorber design, fuel tank, saddle

.cf700 CL-X is equipped with a 2-cylinder motor in parallel capacity of 693 cylinder, reaching a capacity of 73 horsepower at 8,500 rpm and tissue- 88 nm torsion at 6,500 rpm. 6-speed gearbox integrated anti-slip clutch. The car uses electronic fuel injection system developed by Bosch
CF700 CL-X using a round-form lamp with a two-storey design. Surrounding is a pouring part of aerodynamics. Monochrome LCD clock with USB charging gate. 800 mm yen, quite suitable for Asian status. The car is equipped with KYB's shock absorber. Front is reverse journey shock absorbers functions such as hardness, softness, capacity, elasticity. Damping after single form adjusts elasticity, capacity. The 18-inch front rim in the rim is 17 inches. Only it is a 700-cylinder motorbike model but the vehicle is equipped with a cruise control system, which is only available on the models of roads with a 1000-cylinder engine. Phongpaultan

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