Chinese Newspaper Lo The Home Team Does Not Win Vietnam

According to Chinese media home team will face many difficulties before recruiting Vietnam because of the harsh weather in the UAE. On October 7, the Chinese team will be compared to Vietnam in the 3rd round of the last round Cup 2022, in the UAE, the match affects the opportunity to compete in the World Cup Finals 2022.The Chinese communication is worried when the Sharjah Stadium (Vietnam recruitment place in the UAE) does not have ..

. Air conditioning. As Youth Daily said: "The Chinese team is in Sharjah, UAE. Conditions of training and environment are very convenient
The pitch here is very good quality. However, difficult key Located in this stadium has no air-conditioned air conditioning. Although the match is held in the local evening, but the weather is still relatively hotmer. Climate here is a huge challenge With the Chinese team. Memory, Vietnamese players live in Southeast Asia, who are familiar with hot weather so it can adapt more to this type of weather. Also It is advantage that coach Li tie needs to strengthen physical training for the whole team in the coming time, "said China to worry about the house without winning Vietnam because the weather at Uaetrang Sohu also posted an article with the title: "The competition field with Vietnam has no air conditioning, and the hotmest climate is the biggest challenge." "Everyone knows the yard and weather elements are very important with outdoor sports competitions . The stadium on the plateau and plains will have a great difference. After two consecutive defeats, recruiting China will confront Vietnam. It can be said, this is the death match of the national team
On the one hand, we have to win the entire 3 points to raise hope to overcome the qualifiers, on the other hand in response to the doubt of fans. In this match, high humidity and temperature, no air conditioning, weaknesses That factor will definitely affect the achievement of the national team ... "- Sohu judgment said, China's page has a comparative article on the transfer value of Chinese players compared to Vietnam And said: "Vietnam and China are following two different roads. Vietnam uses young training to promote football and China reforms the bridge thanks to the dollars. Now, Vietnam Football is ready to challenge Chinese football, and the Chinese team must practice Strenuous training for the whole month to prepare for the match against Vietnam, the unexposedity before! According to data from the transfer market, the total transfer value of Chinese players is 23.3 million euros, While the Vietnamese side was only 4.93 million euros. The average age of the Chinese recruitment is 29.6 while Vietnam is 25.6. Thus, recruiting China has a value of nearly 5 times compared to Vietnam. But, it is a new Vietnamese team that is better than the Chinese team. In terms of strength, Vietnam recruited more and this proves China's football reform efforts to be a failure. In the war between the Chinese team and the Vietnam team, China failed when the match was not started ".ruby - according to education

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