Chinese Newspaper Warns Coach Li Tie ‘composer To Document’ If Lost To Vietnam Team

Coach Li Tie and the Chinese team are under extreme pressure before the confrontation of Vietnam at the end of the World Cup 2022.hlv Li Tie are under great pressure before the Chinese team's match with Vietnam on 7 /10 This match will take place on October 7 in the UAE. Due to the Covid-19 translation control regulation, the Chinese football team is not played at home. Instead, the Chinese Football Association must hire the UAE yard to play. The power is increasing with coach Li tie before the match against the Vietnamese team when the two previous steps, China turned to Australia 0-3 And Japan 0-1

. Although with white hands, the Chinese team is even stacked at the bottom of the table, under Vietnam due to poor secondary index. Chinese communications forecast if continuing to lose Vietnam's team in confrontation on October 7 At the UAE, Mr. Li Tie will be fired
Sohu judgment, China may be dismissed from the race to attend the VCK World Cup 2022. The remaining matches in Table B, especially the confrontation with the Vietnam team, are the battles Tu.China is crushed by Australia 0-3 in the opening Battle of the end of the World Cup 2022.Theo newspaper, Chinese fans can share with the team to lose to Australia and Japan because this is 2 countries have better growing football background. But if you lose Vietnam's team ... Mr. Li Tie should compose a single resignation. Sohu also said that the pre-Australian and Japanese failures originate from the incorrect assessments of coach li tie about the opponent
Chinese mind in the match on October 7 to huge, shown The fact that Mr. Li Tie and the students went to the UAE early 1 month and are currently actively practicing. Meanwhile, the Vietnam team is expected to point to the UAE after September 30. After the match against Australia, Mr. Park Hang-seo had a week of rest and will focus on this week in Hanoi. The player is still a route that makes Coach Park Hang-SEO hard to rest assured when many pillars Still in trauma or recovered like Group Van Lau, Dinh Trong, Thanh Chung. At the end of the match with China, the Vietnamese team will fly straight to Oman to prepare for this team on 12/10.

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