Chinese Player: ‘we Must Really Pay Attention To Vietnam’

In the 'Football 100 Points' program of Beijing Television, China - Zhang Xizhe has a review of Vietnam's recruitment. At the last round of World Cup 2022 Asia. In which match against Vietnam and China are particularly interested by the two countries' fans. The evaluation of Vietnam recruitment: "The time I am playing for the young team of China, Vietnam is not strong and we don't even care about them. But now the Chinese recruits must really pay attention to Vietnam

. The results they earned in recent times are quite good and this team has a very clear progress, "said the 1991 player. Share.zhang Xizhe reviews teams in seed groups like Following: "We will not face difficulties in front of the teams located in the No
5 seed and 6. The team must win against those opponents, thereby have the opportunity to compete with teams in the top groups" . Causory receiver before recruiting Vietnam in VL World Cupzhang Xizhe is quite cautious about Japan: "They have 11 players to play in Europe. G I, Wu Lei was the only one who did it. Japan is stronger than us about every ". In the opposite direction, Mr. Vu Manh Hai said that Vietnam recruitment can win Oman and China in this table:" With Oman and China, I think they are also Not those with excessive techniques. Their team is not too teammate, with a certain dependence on individual individuals. So the Vietnamese team has the ability to support these teams. But certainly these competitors will still be more physically, the end of the game will also be a remarkable time
. If the effort is good and lucky to smile, Vietnam doesn't have to win the teams like Oman and China, "said Vu Manh Hai Football Specialist with Vietnamese media. sex

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