Chinese Real Estate Empire Evergrande Drops Holes, Whether Beijing Has Helped?

Every one of the major real estate corporations in the world, Evergrande is now on the verge of collapsing with 'debt bombs' more than 300 billion USD hanging on top of 9: 00/5: 05 namevergrande domain established In 1997, there were branches, present in 280 cities in China, with an employee number of up to 200,000 people. This group has implemented 900 projects to build a commercial building and real estate infrastructure. However, after years of borrowing capital to meet fast growth Evergrande is currently flooded in debt with debts of up to $ 300 billion. With this debt, Evergrande is currently the most debt real estate company in the world and must Rotate enough ways to pay for suppliers in construction, material and design industries and creditors, including foreign investors, retail investors and home buyers. In the last two weeks, the company has two warnings about the risk of default if it cannot be mobilized quickly

. Last week, Evergrande said the company's home sales will continue to fall sharply in September, after consecutive decline in many months earlier, making the cash flow situation even most, about 100 Investors have pulled to the headquarters of Evergrande in Shenzhen, China to show anger, dissatisfaction and require a reimbursement of loans and product management products. in Nam Xuong City In Jiangxi Province, a group of about 300 people stormed into the Evergrande branch office and asked to meet the representative director to make it. All of these evolutions show how social unrest will it be if Evergrande collapses
Security staff have to form a wall in front of the entrance of Evergrande Group headquarters - Photo: CNC Heading towards Evergrande when this group stood in front of an important milestone. The group will have to pay $ 83.5 million in bond interest on September 23 and $ 47.5 million on September 29. Evergrande is supposed to have also negotiated to pay the amount of bonds on September 23. about 232 million yuan (NDT - equivalent to US $ 35.88 million). It is unclound whether the company has a full interest payment Whether or not the majority analysts believe that this Chinese real estate enterprise will not be able to pay on time. If within 30 days after maturity cannot pay this interest, Evergrande will officially default. Such a debt will not only make the Chinese economy to win, but also affect the global market
However, optimistic professionals do not think that Evergrande will activate the next financial crisis, but thinks this event will make the market more volatile. "All attention is currently being transferred to work Evergrande completed the payment of bond interest in USD due today, after resolving the domestic bond payment. The market is waiting for the next solution to the next bond payments to have greater faith in reducing risks as well as the risk of collapse of this group, "said Yeap Jun Rong market Talking to CNN on September 23. The Chinese government has helped Evergrande? The biggest question today for the investors is ever the Chinese government will intervene and intervene, as well as if they are decided Proceed to restructure Evergrande Group or not. Many analysts believe that Beijing will eventually intervene but within the limited range, even if a full relief package is difficult to occur. Some people are also worried about Beijing's ability to decide to Evergrande collapsing, hurting shareholders and buyers of domestic bonds. "Everyone is waiting for Beijing will have some solutions because Evergrande is one Important businesses in the Chinese economic system. If this business situation is not resolved, the crisis can spread. I think that some Chinese state-owned enterprises will eventually take over this company, "said Rockefeller Global Family Office Foundation, Jimmy Chang said and expect Chinese government to act quickly because Evergrande was Starting to affect the psychology of investors, after the global market has ignored the risk of this "debt bomb". Investing in the expectation of the Chinese government will intervene to resolve the crisis for episodes Evergrande - Photo: Reuterstrong then, analysts of the big financial services company of My S

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