Chinese Volleyball Star Sues The ‘keyboard Hero’

After the Failure at Olympic Tokyo, Zhu Ting volleyball athletes were spread to the rumor. She has submitted to the police and sue those who defamine themselves on the network (00/1: 44 south in the post on Weibo on August 11, Zhu Ting volleyball star capture police report and paper Certification, accompanied by Caption: "Evidence is confirmed. Submitted to the police. As a criminal accountability. The next destination, the People's Court"

. The Chinese team was excluded at the Table of Tokyo Olympic. Before that, they won the HCV at the Rio 2016 Olympics. The star of the star reported to the police that "from July 19 to August 2, some netizens have released rumors about Zhu and deliberately Looking like her "
zhu Ting and the Chinese women's team lost at Olympic Tokyo. Photo: Xinhua.HLV Lang Ping of the Chinese Women's Volleyball Team, who has been retired after the Tokyo Olympics, saying Zhu was injured when speaking after the opening against Turkey.zhu, the star of the team Recruitment and MVP in the Winning HCV in Rio, loved by a volleyball fans. However, the Failure at Olympic Tokyo has caused many people to turn away with the team. Many comment on the network blame Zhu. Some implies that she is discontinent with teammates and criticizes the commercial activities of female athletes. Also Sina Sports reported that such posts were now deleted. Zhu's post on the sued the counter Animal recovery. Fans support her decision
Zhu Ting leads the Chinese athlete team at the opening ceremony of Tokyo Olympic. Photo: Reuters. The Global Times of China reported that Wang Luyao gunner was also attacked by network users after losing at the Olympic. Female athletes shared in the post in Weibo that she was "trembling" when competing.Global Times also said that some Weibo accounts were blocked because "libel the Olympic athletics". In some other sources, Zhu was Praise when public relations with members of the Chinese volleyball team.

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