Choking The Moment Of Girls Collapsing In His Arms, Burst Into Tears After Walking Out Of The Exam Room

The female student ran towards her father, clutching his hand and burst into tears: 'I can't do it'. This scene caused everyone to feel touched.00: 00/1: 21 Northern Northern Northern, on MXH is transmitting the hands of the clip to record a girl who suddenly burst into tears while walking out of the examination room. In particular, his father's actions quickly received a lot of attention of netizens. / According to the clip, when a girl was born out of the examination, the father was waiting outside, called: "Dad here Hey

. The father hurriedly patted her shoulder to comfort her daughter: "It's okay, okay" ..
you just went while crying, then cried in my father's arms. This father was extremely sympathetic and Loving her daughter. This is what makes many people emotions, because the father looks really psychatic, it's amazing. This statue makes everyone feels too much, and tears. When the clip is shared on social networks, the network community has also sent a comforter, comforting girls. "Try to go up! You complete the exam very well! "" Look so lethargy. This friend has a father who loves this ink, so try to go up! ". Linh Chi

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