Choking The Scene Of The 21-year-old Militant To Fight The Translation Back, Sitting In Front Of The Noodles In Front Of The House

Looking at the image of a young man eating noodles in front of the house when it was more than 8am, causing many people to chok up in the middle of the year. Boys are self-defense militia sitting in front of the shrimp noodles in front of the door that makes everyone unauthorized. This clip is back and posted it to the Social Network.00: 00/00: 17, the boy born in 2000 is a mobilized militant in An Lac Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City, on duty to support people for 2 months now. At that time was 8pm, the boy called home thanks to the house, "Mom to make the noodles, hungry"

. Perhaps because of the nature of work often exposed to many people, the boys are concerned. Family, or maybe because to take advantage of a break, so he sat in front of the cafeteria. Looking for a young man sitting on the motorbike on the street, eating a bowl of noodles alone when it was dark The hometown is insidious
On this mother's Tiktok page also shared the clips of this self-defense militia, which mainly the boy's moment waved her mother on the 2nd floor or passing by House. "Try to go to her son. Let's go home to the house to cook all the children like. To keep your health", the boy shared. "Mau out of epidemic. Let my son stay home to sleep. More Last month. Sleep outside the defense pins. The military people tried to ", the mother wrote. Many people expressed their respect before the efforts and how hard of the military force, police,
.. Besides, Cu d The network also sent a good wishes and thanks to the 21-year-old and the first gland force on the night and night.

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