Chrysanthemum Chemothermins ‘golden’ Saw From Above

These days, chrysanthemum fields in Nghia Trai village, Van Lam (Hung Yen province) flourish, showing off brilliant gold, gorgeous blooming exams.0: 00/1: 42 South Vietnam At the end of the year, the Fields of Chrysanthemum Chi village Nghia Trai village, Tan Quang commune, Van Lam district, Hung Yen province brilliantly showing off the golden sharp, stretching with suction eyes. The boy is a traditional craft village to plant and process a tree Longchive medicinal herbs, chrysanthemum species are cultivated by the people here for hundreds of years. This is also a precious medicine that has a lot of health care for traditional medicine. Dung into the harvest season, the village field of Nghia Bai coated with a brilliant yellow color of the daisies

. Cuc Chi also has other names as Kim Cuc or Chrysanthemis to go to the king, because the old has been grown to get flowers as medicinals offered to the king, Lord. Flower beds right in line with each other to create a golden array Stretching eye sight. Every year only one crop
Flowers are grown from around June calendar, until the end of November began to expand, signaling the harvest in December until the calendar. She, the sisters harvested. According to the shared of the local people, daisies are of the best quality while blooming at the most beautifulness. So, family members from children and young people to the elderly are mobilized. Hand picking flowers. Many garden owners also hire assistants to harvest when flowers have bloomed. Flower collection is carried out manually, do not require a lot of special skills but need skillful, meticulous to not crush cotton and limit loss petal. Every day, a person can harvest from 15 - 20 kg of fresh flowers. If departing from Hanoi, will go through Vinh Tuy bridge to National Highway 5 to go to Nhu Quynh town. From here, turn towards the market like Quynh and then walk about two kilometers to the flower field of Nghia Trai village (Hung Yen)

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