Cindy Crawford’s Physique At Age 55

Cindy Crawford shows off a slim waist when wearing a tight-fitting design. At the age of 55, the former model maintains a standard body thanks to a healthy eating habit.0: 00/2: 58 namdaily mail to the 1990 supermodel, Cindy Crawford looks sexy in the page The Sunday Times Style magazine. Cindy Crawford's costumes are mated by StelList Stella Greenspan. The 55-year-old supermodel designed many famous brands like Chanel, Gucci

... to maintain a balanced physique, Cindy Crawford said without applying diets
Instead, the former model building a habit of choosing healthy food and hard work practicing.Cindy Crawford shows off her slender waist at age 55 when taking photos of the magazine. Photo: @Cindyrawford, @ Theststyle. Practice 3 sessions / weeks in the occasion of Interview by The Cut, Crawford said: "My practice session usually starts with 20 minutes Cardio and weight training". Next, she practiced with a treadmill, canvas the spring and the elliptical machine. The 55-year-old supermodel has a habit of listening to books while practicing Cardio.Crawford exercises at least 3 sessions / weeks. Each training session lasts about 50 minutes. 55-year-old supermodel maintains a slim waist thanks to the central muscle training exercises. Some movements are usually shared by Cindy Crawford on a personal page
For abdominal exercises, female models use equipment are seats and sandbags. After each training session, 55-year-old supermodel often uses infrared sauna. "When I got out of the sauna and take a bath, I always feel myself so clean," said female model. Every week, Cindy Crawford spends 3 sessions to practice. On the other hand, she actively participated in column dance and hiking. Photo: @ Cindyrawford. Besides, Cindy Crawford loves to interact with people when practicing. 55-year-old supermodel often goes to the S Factor dance room in Los Angeles. She noticed practicing with a very interesting group of friends, helping to create motivation. Every week, Crawford spends time hiking with a friend. This habit helps female models can keep their shape and spend time chatting with friends. Familiar began to eat healthy when INTO The Gloss asked about diet, Cindy Crawford stressed: "I say no to food Packing ". She did not face many difficulties with vegetarianism. However, the 55-year-old supermodel affirms this diet is not suitable for the family's student schedule. Cindy Crawford tries to choose the best food possible.Cindy Crawford says no with canned coffee and canned food. She chooses the food thoroughly for each meal. Photo: Getty. The 55-year-old model does not drink coffee, especially when the stomach is hungry. For a quick breakfast, Cindy Crawford usually takes shaking protein. On the holidays, she had breakfast with eggs, smoked salmon and sliced avocados. In addition, she often added a breakfast some raspberries. For a 55-year-old supermodel, a good start helps to provide enough energy for the whole day. Go to lunch, female models eat salad along with chicken. How to choose this food helps provide enough protein, fiber and starch for the body. Besides, low-calorie dishes help you can eat enough without afraid of gaining weight. In dinner, Cindy Crawford and the family often eat sushi at the restaurant. If at home, 55-year-old supermodel cooks turkey meatballs with pasta and salads. In addition, Crawford created a habit of drinking plenty of water. She likes to drink tea. After every dinner, Cindy Crawford dessert with black chocolate. "I definitely need a black chocolate. Without it, I will eat a lot of other items without feeling satisfied," the 55-year-old supermodel said.

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