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Manufacturer of 'Shang-chi and the Legend of the ten rings' Revealing behind-the-scenes techniques used to shoot the dragon scene appears in the movie. After nearly 20 days of theaters, Shang-chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings collected over $ 320 million from the global ticket office (according to the-numbers). Movie ranked second on the list of most popular hotels in North American tickets 2021. Shang-Chi trade success helps Disney confidently release exclusively in the entire theater of the whole movie at the end of the year. The Legend of the Ten Rings received many praises from criticism

. The film owns unique characters with attractive, dramatic stories. In the movie, Shang-chi (Luu Vo) and his teammates face many mysterious creatures, requiring flexible creativity from the production of the production to carry out. Defense creating a dragon shine, here, Marvel Entertainment has tossed the behind-the-scenes video recording the process of making some special technical scenes in Shang-chi and the Legends of the Ten Rings
One of them is the segments that have the presence of the giant Dragon that the audience has seen on trailer. Shang-Chi face The Great Protector when filmed on the field and after processing CGI. Calling with the name The Great Protector, is the supreme guard of my mystical land. Trenders, The Great Protector fought with Dweller-In-Darkness, the Dark Entity swallowing the souls, and protected us to worry about the destruction. Special technical supervision Christopher Townsend Share The inspiration creates a dragon: "The Great Protector carries the characteristics of the East Dragon. It has no wings, refrigerators that move by winding the body and surfing in the air "said the painters have combined many characteristics of Billiards, fighting, lizards, Snakes and some other marine species to create a god dragon with red and white colors on the screen. How The Great Protector moves underwater and above does not simulate the movement of snakes. After having in the hands of the detailed design of The Great Protector, the Film Group will begin calculating to record the scenery of Huyen creature The secret of moving between the mountainous mountain of the region of the region as well as interacting with human characters. This is a non-small challenge for Ejs.Huong
Luoi Truong Riding dragopher Townsend Riding the way Christopher Townsend recalls the way the film dials Shang-chi and Xialing (Meng'er Zhang) riding on The Great Protector. He revealed the film delegation that created a partial body model to help actors with physical titles when filming. "One of the best ideas about The Great Protector is us for two main characters riding on it . In preparation for this scene, we have built a real dragon model. Eucsu contact the Graphic company in charge of the Great Protector, suggest that they design a simple version of the first part and the characters. This is the position where the characters sit up and interact with the beast, "Townsend said. The scenes of dragon riding in Shang-chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings are made. On the film, simplified model The dragon is painted green and placed on the flexible motion system. "We put this entire model on the support device that can be spin, rotate, moving up and down flexibility", Townsend shares. Continue expert: "We take photos of actors sitting on the model with Light, wind blowing and sometimes fake rain to create effects they are surfing on the water. After that, we combine this image with the camcorder's movements, trying to simulate the soft and flexible dragon's flexibility when swimming in the middle of the water or when flying to the sky only with the movement of the neck and head ". Other challenges that filmmakers must cope with the giant white dragon body. They must calculate the direction of moving the camera so that the rhythmic and uniformity with the movement of the virtual dragon is made with CGI technology. "We have to study how the camcorder records a moving creature. E-Crew has a pre-built dragon image on a computer with CGI and the real environmental scene. The challenge poses is a smooth combination of two images separately doing one. We will fill some scenes from the angle angle and more tightening in order to increase the authenticity, "said Christopher Townsend. You share a very elaborate investment team to get the most honest film scenes . Despite hard, Townsend and Eve considered this an interesting and pleasing challenge to have completed the mission. Marvel Entertainment

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