‘city In The Village’ Episode 12: Male Was Harmful

In Review Episode 12 movie 'in the village', on the way to work on the evening by motorbikes, men were badly horizontal affordable affordable guys to harm 200: 00/2: 38 nammong in episode 11 "The village in the village", after knowing the living conditions of the young son, the father of crowded his son lied to the material facility of the unit. Talking to Male, Dong's father shared: "I just looked at it, and reminded the vice president of the commune to pay attention to the lives of brothers. Just have a separate bedroom, private office and adjacent toilet area. Is it all, but it is big. " Answering Dad of East, Nam said the policy of renovating and upgraded existed and only waiting for the budget

. At the same time, waiting for the clinic area to move away and will be deployed. However, his father and son said: "Everyone here knows and sympathizes, I only have you alone. The fact that I'm worried about him is a decent, kind, acceptable "
Dad's father decided: "I will pull you back to the province. Before he got up here, I declared this not where he was attached to the whole life. Go to social networks. This has caused men to call him right to remind them to remind: "If there are people who take advantage of the image to cut with bad purposes. You are a long-term worker in the profession, so it will imagine, this needs to be propagated and treated thoroughly ". But on the other hand, the South also let him rights a way to open a son's self-processing . Solving this problem, Mr. Quyen has returned to writing a review. After that, Tien had to read the review on the radio speakers of the commune .Nam worked on the night was harmful to the bad guy
Photo: VTV.Trong Review Episode 12 Movies "Town in the village", customers are happy with the stewardess with cool costumes in Ms. Cloud's restaurant, there are people who panicked into the police news. The guest in the drunkenly knew the commune police appeared to have a wine province, with the staff to find the way to escape. Other movements, Tien told the father that would ask an acquaintance to find a work position at least on the south . However, Mr. Tien said: "Believe how can you get when in your phone with a girl. But demanding more than someone, that is a coward, ". At the same time, Mr. right to remind me: "Mr. Nam is a staff, don't call him a guy, like that is too." However, Tien still talked to her father with a mixed tone: "How do I do, more than my father. I know that I have a dad that hated the boy and having to go to a shrub. Do not know who is a coward ". The end of Review, men go to work alone at night by motorbike. But on the way, there are people who have a horizontal rope to harm the south. The movie "in the village" will broadcast at 21 hours on November 24 on VTV1.Minh An channel

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