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Pig Pig is dear! You were arrested but six of my pigs nor there, my son the only motorcycle had missed an appointment. He hugged the crying hu hu0: 00/5: 27Nu domain namanh illustration (Source: Internet) This afternoon he was struggling for pigs, looking pigs picturesque, this Tet finisher plus salary mason few month, what type should buy her a motorcycle, let it go from dorm to the university, his promise to the daughter when the college entrance him unfulfilled. His wife in a long shirt, flushed because infused steam beer class meeting, the party he said as ordered: - On Monday announced Cua Lo classmates Honey, two days and one night the guy University Head bao.- your mother is not going anywhere to go but dad, always afraid to die She told her class, he mumbled dap.- dad to go that is prescribed by the class, which also must go both wife chong

.- If then why not go? He asked laiNhieu times he went drinking with the class of wife, initially seen anybody interested in him, aka Uncle religious purpose as the class laughed, but then everyone talking he saw as being marginalized, by not in the same class have nothing to say look ungainly. This time he had to refuse certain, though go Cua Lo beach is so long that his dream unrealized duoc.Tuong that rejection would be very easy, one doubts the freakish multiple layers rich guy's wife, the rules to catch him right away
Can also go if he would not like him so rich as the head of the class Dai hand his wife. Mandatory spouses if not go, they must bear half the cost of that a few days of rest. Heard his wife say the charter he had paled, anyone but his wife, he was stranger, but half the cost of a hundred percent happy if his wife also accepted all, even sell the house to pay. ½ of a class two days and one night. Where people spend money like jackfruit leaves him even stranger. Six pigs him back deer dirt vegetable hash years to make what has sufficient net a fraction, he reckons. Cui had to go to save the pigs. Star class every year his wife also fun meeting, that meeting has not been his class once eh. He saw his class stitch held too low, he is the cause, because he is the class president. So he determined to go campaigning, but the class he was all these guys poverty, there are also guys that Colonel, colonel as chief financial officer, but the guy that linked school ever, they only speak up civil servants down, cheap and expensive buying and selling real estate, but it cares for the emotional age poor pupil when xua
Hom months in accelerated forest in Son La on leave, heard it newly appointed manager. He brings to the table the intention reunion with guys Pig, Pig agreed immediately. Pig also own promising first day preparatory meeting which all the Pig. Then the air's natural time favorable terrain, in which he campaigned in class, kids colonel, lieutenant colonel to finance all the food festival. He power to guy Pig, Pig claims as a nail column, 8th January meeting all costs Pig will be present. Thursday January 8th will be chilly sky, he put 6 wheels 6 at the famous restaurant Son Lam front of the school, so people have time to attend school again xua.Den hour watching everyone dressed, most are few female friends who are teachers. The boys colonel rank as military signals travel majestic parade. People hands began to celebrate, sad sad pity how many years of separation, the Hui have dry hair and curling, high cheekbones, straight Pig accelerated recovery was at school teased: "You're a child watching her husband," but right , it's all about taking his school in the village carpenter, laying a little four daughters, umbilicus to the fifth child, the husband won the election and took cancer, a mother of five mouths to feed. hours sitting with classmates like mother and daughter. Ha just learning what pretty good, do not know for what pretext, how many people do not get asked handsome, to get an elderly person has a bad fit, heard it like rich because her husband is the director. One day her husband carrying it out the car to visit the children, a husband she did not know how to ask it, doctors carrying daughter came home from a game, so from then on it did not go with her husband again. How many things under the sun has long stored inside hours as a chance to say. These guys are dinner drink alcoholic giants drop resistance wife, smiled and said without knowing the disabled say nobody nghe.Gan that guy Pig party is yet to come, melt party as beautiful as she serves as a model, the key sheet goods bills out. February colonel brisk ask about previous work, months full Colonel finance, someone called not that a fistula to then hug phone underground back to the bathroom forever bear out, downs dwarf builders, have a date before the car came to pick it when dying party. He's like sitting on the fire, handing a bill, he glanced over and nearly ten million properties, look before looking after all these guys are poorer him. These guys are drunk, waved his hand and said, money is a small thing important new feelings. Suddenly motorcyclists on, look closely, the brother-month, as drowning socks are piles, bald and I, we're waiting forever, brother-month trip to the ear he whispered something, listening his face ashen sadness, it is to inform you it is linked with deforestation, police custody is to investigate, should not be about class reunions, v

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