Classic Copa America

Maracana yard will be burning in the Finals of the Copa America between Brazilian and Argentina's landlords with an attractive confrontation between Messi and Neymar stars (live sports HTV 7 hours on 11-7) .0:00 / 2: 55 Southern men, two large rivals have a historical thickness in this game, the Brazilian landlord has nine championships, and Argentina is more than 14 seasons without opponents. Samba dancers are the defending champion of Copa America that will expect to keep the cup in the yard. They had a strong start in the group stage with three consecutive victories against Venezuela 3-0, Peru 4-0, Colombia 2-1 and Mix Ecuador 1-1 .

.. The focus will be the confrontation between Messi and Neymar. Photo: CCT team of coach TITE gently over the face of Chile 1-0 in the quarterfinals and Peru 1-0 at the semi-finals to enter the 21st American Cup finals
But it will not be easy for Brazil to go to the throne Argentina also crave a big title for Captain Messi. Tango dancers are not too comfortable at this playground when the game is 1-1. However, they quickly built a chain of winning Uruguay 1-0, Paraguay 1-0, Bolivia 4-1. Entering the quarterfinals, Argentina Dai Thang Ecuador 3-0, then Hoa Colombia 1-1 was in the semifinals and won 3-2 on the penalty dots of 11 m. This is the 29th Argentina to play the Copa America finals, after the last time in 2016 but lost to Chile in the shootout. Brazilians in the last end without striker Gabriel Jesus was suspended for Get a red card in the Chilean victory in the quarterfinals. Fortunately for Mr. Tite because the replaced Paqueta striker scored in both of their direct type victories. Paqueta is an essential enhancement for Neymar with two goals and three buildings this season. Orally, Messi is Argentina's main goal hunting with a strong form with four goals and five assists in six Turn off
Copa America this season may be the last time Messi wears the Argentinian team with never once crowned. He had twice to lead Argentina to the finals and failed. The rock on the merchant with Messi was the striker Lautaro Martinez just scored in the semi-finals. Coach Scaloni still has a trump card capable of changing its face as Sergio Aguero, Nicolas Gonzalez, Alejandro Gezalez, Alejandro Gomez and Angel Di Maria. The confrontation among the dancers on the Copa America stage is unpredictable, by the star star The two teams possessive vulnerability shine at any time. However, the opportunity for Brazil is still better than Argentina thanks to the house advantage and does not eliminate the bit of arbitration that is often found in the South American playground. • Argentina Many times is Brazil's general defeated in Copa American Arena This link is the 108th encounter between the two large teams without the same gods in every arena, with the results of Brazil won 43 wins and Argentina has 39 victories. In the last three matches in Copa America, the Brazilian team ever defeated Argentina 2-0 at the semifinals in 2019. In the previous two finals in 2004 and 2007, Brazil won Argentina ... TTHuy Dang

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