Classic Motorcycle Kawasaki Z900rs 2022 Launched, Upgraded Many Equipment

Classic model Kawasaki Z900RS 2022 has just released only one unique color reminiscent of Kawasaki Z1 models in the 1970s.kawasaki Z900RS 2022 is updated with a new palette to reminiscent of Kawasaki Z1 models in the 1970s, with many lifting Level of equipment.kawasaki Z900RS SE 2022 Equipped with only Metallic Diablo Blackkawasaki Z900RS SE 2022 Equipped with Monoshock Rear OHLINS, adjustable and damping recovery, comes with the front fork upside 41mm diameter front Allow complete adjustment to pre-load, restore and compress. Classic motorcycles are still equipped with 848 cc, 4 cylinders in line with liquid cooling to create a capacity of 111 horsepower at 8,500 rounds / minute and 98.5 nm torque at 6,500 rpm

. Combined with 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox brings more sports steering feeling.Kawasaki Z900RS SE 2022 is upgraded to the feeling More sports steering without changes in the brake system, Z900RS se still equipped with floating disc brakes 300mm front diameter and Callip ERS four piston with radial, is triggered by a radial brake cylinder. Kawasaki Z900RS SE 2022 has a weight of 215kg, fuel tank capacity of 17 liters while the saddle height is 845mm
Will only have A color option for Z900RS SE 2022 is Metallic Diablo Black.Kawasaki Z900RS SE 2022 weighing 215kg in Vietnam, Kawasaki Z900RS is being distributed in version 2020, using 4-cylinder 4 engine, capacity 948cc, for a capacity of 111 horsepower and maximum torque 72.5 nm. The weight of the car is 210 kg with a height of 795 mm.

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