Clean The Bag, Do Not Have Enough Money To Buy A Phone For Children To Learn Online

Clean the bag, pity not enough money to buy a phone for your child to learn online despite all the last saving money in the house, but that's not enough for you to buy a phone for your child to study online. Online study The translation season not only causes many difficulties and strencils for teachers and students but also causes pressure on parents. New, the story of the father who gathers the money in the house, transporting children to the distance Mountain more than 20km to find a phone for a child to learn online has caused many people not to get away from, touched. This story is posted on Major's personal facebook page, Quang Ngai Police attracted Many attention of the online community. "From Ba Nam commune, two parents in motorbikes exceeded 20km of mountain road to Ba To town (Ba To mountainous district) to buy phones for online girls

. Come to some phone shops shook their heads, because the amount was not enough to take a phone with the online learning function, "Major of his writing in his post. The Major's writings do many people Cave with Major Do Thanh Thuong, the father "stretched" out of money in the house and had to borrow more neighbors to be over 1 million dong and then dare to transport them to the town to buy a phone. But after a hindrance at stores, the two parents do not have enough money to buy money
When going to Quoc Hung phone store, saw the poor circumstances of 2 father and son, the shopkeeper sold a smartphone phone for 1.3 million - just enough money to hold on the hands of the poor father. Purchasing the phone to meet your child's learning, two father-in-law on the motorbike to go home in Ba Nam commune before the darkness. Behind the hero, the phone shop owner on said, the father and son His shop, the father withdrew all the money in the wallet, only about 1.3 million. While the cheapest phone in the store also reached nearly 2 million. Seeing the shy and embarrassing of the father, Anh Thuong, so enthusiastically advised and helped. "I guess you went to refer to many shops to buy a phone, but perhaps the money was not enough. I asked It was also shy, I wouldn't worry about it. Seeing the situation of people suffering, the substance, so I just took the price of that phone 1
3 million, the rest was given you. I also didn't know the context of 2 father and son , Because buying the machine is back immediately. Only two children are his ethnic hre ", the hero said. Change with PV Vietnamese family on September 19, Mr. Dinh Van Dem confirmed the incident Hero supports when buying a phone. "Have a very happy baby phone, he studied with the teacher by a few meals", Mr. Dem said.Anh Dem and her daughter of the 7-year-old girl is a way Far from the center of Ba To mountainous district. Like other hre family families, the British Dem family is also difficult. There are two girls in grade 7 and 11th grade. Daily couple on the mountain as a craft peeling. For a few months now due to the disease, it is less or less exhausted, the amount of savings is also exhausted. New schools, Mr. Dem heard the mother needed online phone. Loving children but the house is out of money, collecting only over one million. He expects to find a job hired to hire a lot of money to make a child to buy a phone. It's a day to see if I don't have a phone to study, so you can clean the bag of 1.3 million VND to the town to find buying. The little money is not enough to buy but fortunately, Mr. Dem meets a kind shopkeeper. "My husband and wife must not go to school so now try to worry about me. The children learn are not very good but diligent, teachers are very important Tam came to the grandchildren. It was so happy to be happy, "Mr. Dem said. Ngam Van Din - Chairman of Ba Nam Commune People's Committee said, he knew this story over the social network. Mr. Dem is a very needed person, diligently but economic circumstances are still difficult. Every day he does enough work to take care of his family, especially worrying for the two children to study. "Mr. Dem is poor, before it is not very well abandoned but he is very aware of learning children. Through the sentence This saw the feelings of the father for children, as well as empathy, sharing with the difficulty of the phone owner, "Mr. Din shared more.

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