Clean Up The Grave, Farmers Pick Up Strange Logs, Experts: He Calmly Heard Me Say!

According to the other expert, the logs that farmers find very valuable 9: 00/3: 50 Nouthern region to remove the grave to find the logs of crossword is a farmer living in a village in Hebei . One day, suddenly rushed, the wind flew blindly, the trees were tilted and rained with a large strength with lightning. Suddenly remembering the grave of the ancestor for a long time, it was not yet to spit the weeds, but it was necessary to be cleaned up. Indeed, the rain's rainfall made this place like a "battlefield". While cleaning up, Xiao Dinh discovered a strange shape log lies by the nest

. At that time, he only thought that the house was lacking firewood, so it was going to take it home. Any doubt, this gap has caused him a troublesome. In the time of cleaning the ancestral grave, Xiao Dinh Chanh found a strange log
(Photo: kknews) The farmer who carries the wood to the drying yard to prepare it small and forget it. A few days later, a neighbor is also a small man of the cottage to the house. Having just saw the scene of the middle of the yard, he asked Dinh Sao's cottage to put it there, Xiao Dinh responded to bring it to saw the kitchen firewood. You immediately stop the cottage: "This wood is burning, it is very good, Come on me to sell me to bring a string of wristbands. Place the house, I bought it at 30 yuan (more than 100,000 VND)! "Listen to the word you say, a thought suddenly flashed in the top of the cottage Nails, why did he ask for this log, certainly have anything in it. Therefore, cottage souvenirs excuse your friend. The next day, he got a log to meet a botanical expert in the city to ask for a test. After asking for an appraisal expert, Tieu Dinh knew that the log was rare and rare red wood. (Photo: kknews) The treasure from heaven falls down when he comes to the expert, Dinh Thanh truth to tell the story about a squid friend asking to buy this log made him suspect to know more about its background. The expert suddenly scolded the cottage: "You really have my eyes without looking, from the log to look at people, almost a little cheated
He calmly heard me said: This is a red wood Rare and valuable is very high. You're a talent. Remember don't trade with the other friend! "Lieutenced to hit the poisonous solid, the dose of the dose was rushed and laughed again Inties, the couples picked up the mountains, the housewife immediately had the eyes of her eyes because of the inside of after hearing these words of experts, the cottage felt extremely excited. Fortunately, he didn't sell that log to his friend, otherwise he missed the opportunity to earn money. Milk or yellow wooden wood, rotten or traceate, a wooden wooden tree belongs to the family. The scientific name of the milk is Dalbergia Tonkinensis Prain, belonging to the IA timber group, ie one of the rare and precious timber. They are usually found in tropical rainforests and monsoon tropical rainforests. Wood is usually yellow or red, if so long will be colored but after shaving the outer layer will see its characteristic color. The red milk is not only high value but also popular by durability and cultivation Beautiful wooden. (Photo: kknews) Van of wood is divided into classes, sometimes strange swirls. Its small, smooth, red or black. Scientists divide milk into 2 types of white and red milk. Red milk is more valuable than white wood. In addition, there is also black and this type is very rare and is called the absorbent wood. Wood is more expensive than the white milk is by wooden veins. In particular, white wood is only on 2 sides, on the left, the red isolated on 4 sides. In addition, the value of the red milk is shown at its durability. Red wood despite being soaked in mud, long-term water but not rotten, though placed under the heat was also cracked. Moreover, it also has a special aroma so very popular. See more: Related news Fish bubbles and forgot 38 years, fishermen round eyes because it turns into a golden thing

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