Clip: 1 On 4, The Forest Buffalo Escapes The Lion Thanks To ‘500 Brothers’ Help

When lying under the claws of 4 lions, sudden reforested buffaloes were copied to rescue at the last minute of the 9th minute: 00/1: 00 South / Crystal Calpeakers were recorded by visitors at the last minute. Kruger National Park in South Africa. Specifically, a single forest buffalo was hungry and hungry and rushed into the attack. When he was bitten by the two lions, the forest buffalo immediately protested fiercely. However, due to alone, the forest buffalo was quickly surrendered and was knocked down on the ground

. About the end of the war, suddenly the other buffaloes appeared. 2 of them rushed into hit the predators and rescue for copper. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the forest buffalo tries to stand up and run away
African forest or Cape Buffalo is one of 5 large species in the Black continent (Big Five) with a lion, Leo Mai, Rhino and elephant. This buffalo can weigh 1,000 kg. With a huge body, African forest buffalo is considered to be a solid tank enough to knock on all enemies with sharp horns. Let's (T / H)

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