Clip: Catching A Wife Playing With The Love, Husband Rushed Into Jealousy, His Sentence Caused Many People

Seeing his wife to dating his love on Valentine's Day, the husband immediately rushed into jealousy right in the trade center.0: 00/1: 35 southern Unforestation is considered a Valentine's Valentine of Oriental people, It was the time when the Single Cau Duyen, who had pairs of dating, enjoying sweet moments together. However, this man caught his wife to go shopping with personately in this day.00: 00/00: 17Theo, the incident happened in Tuong Duong, Hubei Province, China. The video posted on the social network shows that the man who is walking in the commercial center, caught me shopping with another man

. This scene is facing a staggering Dinh "sovereignty" with enemy love, and urged people to record things: "Do you know who she is your wife? Everyone quickly turned to the video posted on the network. "The man rushed to hit his wife's love afterwards, the husband immediately rushed into struggling, scolding and hitting the enemy despite his wife's compartment. It can be seen that the man feels extremely disappointed with his wife, maybe he is waiting for an explanation from his wife but ultimately his wife is still indifferent
Video after being posted on the commune network The association quickly attracted a lot of interest of public opinion. Some people think that the husband rushes into jealousy is understandable because anyone can endure when he saw his wife hands in hand with another man, while others think that the man too Impassion, if not careful can pick up the body. Some people leave a comment: "Who can withstand his wife and go to date with others, it has been in Valentine's Day", " If I'm a brother, I rushed to beat jealousy, starring, "" knew was an annoyance, but he was angry, not careful that the husband could be different into the body. "

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