Clip: Challenge Mma Boxer, Spring Master Xuan Quyen Was Punched After 6 Seconds

Only 6 seconds after the casta, the disciples of the bay Xuan Quyen was punched by MMA martialers, causing many unexpected people in: 00/0: 51 nam 0000: 00/00: 39 The clip recorded the monitor A bay in Xuan Quyen bay and a MMA.Theo media martial artist, the Radio of the Radio stems from the challenge of the Spring Bay Master in Chengdu (China). This character had a leaked speech to provoke MMA martialers. After that, the declaration of the chief of Xuan Quyen bay was accepted by Hong Lijing and the match took place in a city gym The result, only 6 seconds after the match was started, the Spring Bay Master was hit by MMA boxers followed a quick scenario. This carpet once again made fans suspected Expected about the implementation of traditional Chinese martial arts

. Many views believe that Chinese traditional martial arts is only to perform and have been excessively inflated. Lai Van (T / H)

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